The History Of Craps

People have been shooting dice since before the days of recorded history. Numerous games of chance have developed using 6 sided cubes all leading up to the game of Craps with its exceptional set of rules distinctive methods of play.

The modern version of craps is made up of a fairly sophisticated set of rules; however, basic versions of this classic casino pastime have popped up throughout the years. In essence, all that is actually required to play craps is a pair of dice and some people with money to wager. Throughout World War II, American soldiers would play craps during their breaks. Craps has become a flexible form of leisure that can be enjoyed in virtually any setting.

The birth stories of the game are a bit unclear. When you investigate the history of human entertainment practices, most of the details you are going to find are going to be prefaced with reports like "no one really know how it first began." In truth, humanity's quest for leisure has no beginning and ending.
As different cultures blend into different cultures with the passing of time activities of leisure are sometimes adapted, sometimes discarded and sometimes blended. No one can state definitively who’s idea it was. All people can do is study the development of similar games over the course of time.
That having been said, the sources of craps are truly unknown. Most will agree that games of chance played with dice trace their roots back countless years. It's generally accepted that modern casino craps can trace its roots back to a game called hazard. Hazard was an extremely popular game of chance that the British took pleasure in for centuries.

As Europeans started to travel to and later colonize the far corners of the world, they brought their varying forms of amusements with them. Some people think that the Brits were accountable for taking this dice game into the states. Others think that the French were the ones who took the step.

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