Enjoy Online Roulette Game

Roulette game is a fantastic and an amazing game, which can be played worldwide in both online forms as well as in real form. Roulette wheel game was discovered during 17th century, but today, by having remarkable improvement, this simple wheel game has now becomes new mode of entertainment in casino as well as becomes the most successful part of online gambling industries all over the world. Unlike Roulette games, which are played in land based casinos, online Roulette games are much more simple and easy to play along with many advantages added in it.

Objective of Roulette Game

The main objective of Roulette game remains the same, whether a player is playing European Roulette or American Roulette means whether player is playing single zero or for double zero Roulette game. In both of these Roulette games, players only have to place their bets either on one number or more than one numbers and then wait for Roulette ball to rest on their selected numbers after rotation of wheel. Now, if Roulette ball rests on any of the numbers selected by player, the player will win the game.

Way of Playing Roulette Game

Playing online Roulette game is very easy for players as compared to play any other games. Here, only thing that player has to do is to place their bets by clicking on any one or more than one of the available numbers placed on the wheel. The players can also wager by simply selecting the betting chip and then placing them on numbers and rotate the wheel. Now, if the ball stops on the pocket selected by player, he will win the game and will be given payout as per the payout chart. Mostly, in online Roulette casinos, payout chart is displayed on the screen for players.

Rules for Playing Roulette Game

The rules related with Roulette game varies from casinos to casinos whether the rule is related with betting amounts or with payouts. The 2 common rules in any Roulette game are 'La Partage' rule and 'En Prison' rule. In case of 'En Prison' rule, casino returns half of the wagering amounts and allows players to use that for next Roulette spin when the ball comes at zero position. On the other hand, in case of La Partage rule, players on loosing half of their betting amounts cannot use that for next spin.

Payouts available for Players in Game

Payouts obtained by players are depended on the type of wager made by them in game. On placing straight-up bet or wagering on a single line will offer 35:1 payout, placing bet on 2numbers or split bet will give 17:1, payout to players, Street bet or wagering on 3 numbers on wheel will offer 11:1 payouts and so on.

Wagering Options available for Players

Almost all of the online casinos have their own betting rules for their players. They offer minimum and maximum betting amounts to the players to make the game suitable to play for any level of players. In case of Roulette game, there are two types of wagering options available for players as Inside Bet and Outside Bet. some of the popular Inside Bet are double street bet, street bet, corner bet, split bet, basket bet and straight up bet, while some of the main Outside Bets are dozen bet, column bet, red and black bet, and lastly odd and even bet, are available to players.

Thus, online Roulette game becomes the most popular online casino games by offering massive payouts and lots of fun and enjoyment to players.

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