Various Betting Options of Triple Attack Blackjack Game

Blackjacks are one of the popular casino games, which are played by worldwide players. This game is available in different versions at different casinos. One of the famous versions of land-based Blackjack game is known as Triple Attack Blackjack. In this variant of Blackjack game, players are allowed to triple their initial amount of bet in stages.

About Triple Attack Blackjack Game

Triple Attack Blackjack Game is played by having 8 Spanish decks. A Spanish deck is a deck, which consists of 48 cards and tens are removed from it. The game starts, when player makes “first attack” bet. Each of the players is then allowed to bet their first card. After this, players are allowed to make “second attack” bet, which must be equal to their “first attack” bet. The dealer will then bet his first card as face up. Now, players are allowed for “third attack” bet, such that this must also be equal to “second attack” bet of players. The interesting feature of this Blackjack game is that players are allowed to make “third attack” bet even if they do not make “second attack” bet in game.

Rules and Betting Options

Triple Attack Blackjack game also proceeds in almost similar manner as other variants of Blackjack. Players are allowed to place their bet on second cards and this time second card betted by dealer is face down. But, if card betted by dealer is face up and having ace, players can place insurance bet in the game. The payout in case of winning insurance bet depends upon suited Blackjack and non-suited Blackjack in Triple Attack Blackjack Game. For suited blackjack, payout will be 5:1 where as for non-suited Blackjack; this will be 2:1 in game. Also, Triple Attack Blackjack game has some other rules as follows. If any player wants to play double or split, he has to place extra betting amounts for making each wager. The player is allowed to double on any number of cards and is also allowed to double after split. Players can also re-split the aces cards. Now, 6-card Charlie rule is applied in Triple Attack Blackjack game, where if the player gets 6 cards without going out of order, he can automatically win the game. The dealer should hit on number 17. Apart from these rules, also there are some rules which are different from simple blackjack games. These rules are in case of tie in Blackjack game, the resolution is given in favor of players and in case of winning in game players will be paid with even money only. Also if dealer busts 22, then bets placed by any remaining players will push.

Side Bets offered in Game

Triple Attack Blackjack game also provides two other side bets, along with insurance bets to players. One of these two side bets is known as Suited Royals. As the name implies, this type of bet will give the payout, if first 2 cards betted by players are having same suit. For having suited face cards, players will get payout as 10:1, for having Queen and King as suited cards, payout will be 40:1 and for having other two suited cards, players will get payout as 2:1. House edge for this type of side bet is very less, that it is about 3% only. Another side bet provided for players in this game is named as Triple Match. The decision regarding this type of bet depends upon first two cards betted by players and face up card of dealer. If these 3 similar cards are of suits, players will be payout of 150:1, while on having 3 non-suited similar cards, payout of players will be 20:1.

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