Origin of Roulette Game

The game of Roulette is one of famous and oldest casino game in gambling sector. Since, this is the oldest game among all other casino games, so it is unclear among people that where first Roulette game was played in this world.

Theories related with Origin of Roulette Game

Actually, the word Roulette is originated from French, which means a ‘small wheel’. The first theory, which was related with invention of Roulette game is given by a French mathematician named Blaise Pascal in the year 1655. This theory was highly recognized by people all over the world. He also invented different winning probabilities by describing his gaming parameters for this game. This theory about the origin of Roulette game can be one of the easiest recognizable theories among worldwide players. However, some other experts and theorists have contributed their concepts and views for giving information about the invention of Roulette game to people.

One of the theories related with invention of Roulette games, is taking us back to carnival period, which were very popular during 1500's. If this theory will get proved by experts, then this will be interpreted that game of roulette had been started 2 centuries before than the concepts given by current historians related with invention of Roulette game. However, for this, theorists should have definite proof that feature of the games related with Carnival period are somewhat of similar nature with the Roulette game of present days.

Another theory related with Roulette games, will take us back to ancient times of country China, where explorers and sailors used to sail the game to different parts of world and particularly in the continent of Europe. This game is little bit different from the Roulette game of present times and also players are acted in some different manner for playing this game. Here players are arranged in cubes to form 666. There exists an interesting fact related with this game because when all numbers placed on the outer side of wheel are added together, player will get a scary amount of 666. However, some evidences have also highlighted that people of Tibet had already played game of Roulette before the game was introduced in mainland Europe.

Roulette Game during 18th and 19th of Century

During 18th century, game of Roulette gains a very high level of popularity and high respect by the aristocracy in France, especially with Prince Charles of Monaco. The first documented Roulette game was played in 1796, in the house of games of Central Paris.

During 19th century, game of Roulette has also started in America and is named as American Roulette. This American version of Roulette game also becomes very popular among the casino players and particularly, during the middle of 19th century craze towards American Roulette game had increased to a great extent. The main difference between American and French Roulette is that American Roulette has an extra slot as double zero (00) along with single zero (0) while French Roulette has only one zero (0) slot included in wheel.

Roulette Game after existence of Online Casinos during 20th Century

The existence of online casinos during late of 20th Century had given remarkable increase in the popularity of Roulette game among worldwide casino players. Nowdays, players can select any one between the European and American Roulette as per their preference towards Roulette game. Moreover, they can also play both games simultaneously, by using different tabs of internet explorer or any other internet browser used by them. The main advantage of online Roulette games are that now, players can enjoy by playing their favorite version of Roulette, by living in any parts of the world.

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