Comparison Between Land Based Craps and its Online Version

There exists a lot of difference in the ways in which casino games are being played in online and in land based casinos. Particularly, this difference is greatest in case of craps game. The differences involved are not only related with betting amounts and payouts, but also with the whole mechanism of playing the craps game.

The layout of craps game played in land based casino is divided into 3 sections, where 2 end sections are almost similar and have some common bets as field bets, pass bets and come bets. The smaller middle area in this game is having proposition bets. On the other hand, in case of online craps, only one among the end sections and middle area are appeared on the screen. The reason behind this is that online craps games is for a single player at one place while in land based casinos, large number of players used to place their bets simultaneously.

In case of Land Based Craps, all the functions involved in game are done manually, by the employees across the table. On the other hand, in case of online craps, gaming software is programmed to perform all functions of the employees related with craps game. Here, stickman will stand at the center of table, whose function is to handle the dice of craps game. All of the new shooters are then provided with one cache of dice by stickman and shooters then have to choose only two from them. After the end of one roll, the stickman declares the number thrown by shooter, recover the dice and then return back it to the shooter. Moreover, stickman also gives proposition bets for the players.

One more character along with Stickman is involved in land based craps game, which is named as Boxman. Boxman sits directly nearby the stickman in this game. He used to supervise the game by making sure that all payouts are correctly received by the players from the game. The casino bankroll is completely kept under the responsibility of Boxman. The Boxman is also responsible for settling down any disputes, which will occur among players during the game. There are 2 dealers involved in game, who will stand on any one side of Boxman for conducting craps game in land based casino. Every dealer will perform various financial transactions at the end of his own table. This incorporates paying off to players on winning the bets, taking chips from front of Boxman and returning back all the chips from all losing bets to Boxman. Some special types of bets as free odds bets and place bets are also have to be given to the dealers of game. Dealer of game is also responsible for handling pucks, which are used to indicate establishment of a particular point. Land based casinos incorporated a large number of casino tables, which are arranged in a particular area known as pit. Along with the 4 employees in one table, there also include some number of floormen in the pit. The floormen used to supervise gaming tables and handle all credits and payouts that should be given to regular players. The boss of pit will have overall charge of the pit, but he hardly communicates with casino players.

In case of online craps game, dice are rolled in an automatic manner after the proper button is clicked by players. In case of land based craps, one player becomes the shooter to roll the dice across the craps table. Moreover, shooter has to bounce the dice far away from the table towards the wall in order to get randomness in game. In online games, randomness in craps game is generated by RNG of software.

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