Simple Strategies for Playing Jacks or Better Blackjack Game

The popularity of video poker games are increasing day by day among worldwide players. One of the well-known variant of online video poker game is Jacks or Better video poker available in online casinos. This version of online video poker is named as Jacks or Better because in this poker game, paytable starts with either pair of jacks or any other higher pair. Several winning strategies have been formulated till now by experts of video poker game for getting jacks or any other higher pair. However, experts have suggested that players should follow some easy steps related with simple strategy for this variant of online video poker game. Particularly, this suggestion is useful for new online poker players.

First Part of Simple Gaming Strategy

The first part of this simple strategy highlights the steps that should be taken when player is having specific number of cards as royal flush. This strategy states that if player is having 4 cards as royal flush, his 5th card must be discarded even when it is contributing for winning combination. For example, if any player has King, Queen, Jack, nine, ten of hearts, then player should break the straight flush and also should discard nine of hearts. If any player is holding 3 cards of royal flush, such that he is also having winning combination, then in this case, player should hold on to the winning combination of cards. For example, if any player has 3, 10, Queen and Jack of hearts along with Queen of spades, then he should hold only 2 Queens and should discard all remaining cards. On the other hand, if the player is having 3 cards as royal flush, such that he is not having any winning combination, then player should hold on his 3 cards as royal flush in game. This means that if any player is having 3, 10, Queen and Jack of hearts along with 3 of spades, then player should hold 10, Queen and Jack of hearts and discard remaining ones.

Second Part of Simple Gaming Strategy

The next part of this strategy is related with hands. These hands are also known as unmade hands. In these hands, players are allowed to hold these cards, for making suitable combination in ascending order as one card higher than Jack, two unpaired cards higher than Jack, and it moves on. Here low pair cards are pair of 10s or lower than this, which is not shown in payout table for Jack or Better variant of Blackjack game. In case, player will not get any of these combinations, he can discard all the 5 cards he is having with him.

Final Advice of Simple Gaming Strategy

This is the last but not the least advice given to players for getting highest possible winning amounts in Blackjack game. Here, players are being suggested that they should never break their winning hand except in 2 special cases. First case is almost similar to the strategy related with strategy used for four cards to a royal flush. Second one is that when 4 cards to straight flush are preferred than having jacks or any other better pair. In conclusion, this particular strategy is based on the probabilities of having winning combinations from the beginning of the retained cards as well as on the payouts obtained in case of winning combinations.

Thus, these are some of the simple though very helpful strategies, which players must keep in mind and follow while playing the popular Jacks or Better Blackjack Game.

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