Comparison between Land based and Online Kenos

The keno games have now become very much popular among the worldwide players. The basic rules involved in playing both land based are similar to that of the as online keno games. Players are required to mark maximum of 15 numbers on one ticket for keno game. After that, 20 numbers will be drawn in random manner and then players are offered payouts on the basis of number of selected numbers were drawn in the game. Although the gaming rules for both land based as well as for online keno games are similar, but the gaming mechanisms of these two are entirely different.

Land based keno games are essentially community games. They are usually played at keno lounges, where socializing is equally important with wagering in games. Here, players will mark on their tickets and then submit them along with their betting amounts at the window. During this whole process, players will interact with their relatives and friends as they do in any social occasion. When people purchased all the keno tickets, numbers are drawn and winners are announced in the game. Then, players will again come across the window for collecting their winning amounts as well as for buying tickets for next round and simultaneously, socializing will continue in the keno lounge. In contrast, online keno is an individual game, which is played by the player alone. Here, there exists no interactions with other players and the numbers are drawn only for individual player and not for the whole community. Thus, the completely gaming environment of online keno becomes entirely different than the land based keno games.

Land based keno is one of the leisurely-paced game. This is because, players will buy keno tickets only one at one time and similarly collecting the winning payouts, so there becomes a significant time gap between every draw of keno tickets. In contrast, online keno will operate at furious pace. Here, only tickets are required to be purchased by players. As soon as the players mark some numbers on the ticket, they can activate the online keno game. This means, here, it requires hardly a minute or even less than that that for completing all the gaming formalities by players. The software will then match the selected number and numbers will draw and makes payout in an automatic manner. Moreover, players can use the same keno ticket for many numbers of times by having auto play option, which will make the game faster.

Online keno game has one more advantage than land based casinos. In land based kenos, the players first of all have to check whether they are due for winning payout or not and then they have to collect their winnings within a specified time, which will limited to display of next round of keno game. Now, in case, if any player fails to realize his winning, his winning payout will be lapsed from the keno game. However, there exists no such problem in case of online keno games. This is because, software will automatically credit the accounts of players as soon as the game gets over and payout in game becomes due, thus players are not required to claim their winnings in game.

Land based casino games will also offer some specific variations that are not available in online kenos, which lead the game more interesting to play. These variations are mainly done with the tickets that means that land based casinos are offering players with different types of tickets as split tickets, way tickets, combination tickets and king tickets along with common straight ticket for attracting the players.

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