Attractive Features of Hybrid Online Roulette Games

Now days, online casino games have become popular among the worldwide players. The reason behind this is that they are available to players with numbers of innovative techniques, which make the online games more attractive among the players. One way, by which online casino games can be innovated is by taking one feature of one gaming type and incorporate it into another to make the game more attractive among players. Two variants of online Roulette, powered by online software provider WagerWorks have adopted this technique in their games.

Today, no one can conceive of having online slots games without free spins. Whenever, a particular pattern of symbols will display on the reels, the players will be rewarded with many number of free spins in game. During free spins, betted amounts are not deducted from players’ account but the payouts won during the free spins will be credited in the accounts of players. Double Spin Bonus variant of online Roulette game is incorporating the free spins concept of the online slots game. Here, in addition to wells available for 38 numbers along with for double and single zeros, the wheel will also incorporate yellow well. Now, during any one spin, if the ball stops in this well, the betting amounts placed by players will stand and then player will get free Double Bonus Spin. Also, the betting amount will not be deducted from the accounts of players. In case of Double Bonus Spin, two blue lights will display on the Roulette wheel. When this spin is triggered during the game, both of the blue lights will spin independent to each other around the Roulette wheel and will stop eventually next to any of the number. Now if that particular number gets covered by standing bets placed by players, they will receive winning payout, which directly gets credited into the casino accounts. Also since both of the two blue lights will move independent to each other, so both can give winning payouts to players in Roulette game. Also, if any one or both of the blue lights in Double Bonus Spin, stops at the yellow well, players will be able to receive bonus payouts from the Roulette game. One more attracting feature incorporated in this variant of Roulette is that the players can also wager for yellow well similarly ion case of any other number of the Roulette wheel. Hence, if the ball stops on the yellow well, when that is covered by bet, players can receive regular payout along with free spins bonus in the game. The yellow well is about 1.5 times of the width of any other wells so it should be more likely to catch blue lights and ball in the Roulette game.

Another variant of online Roulette game by WagerWorks is incorporating an interesting feature from Multiband video poker game. In any 4 hand online video poker game, players are required to place their bets 4 times of unit bet. These four hands are then independently betted and then compared against the gaming payout table for players. In 3 wheel Roulette game, three concentric wheels will rotate at the same time but in an independent manner. Common betting amounts are placed for all the three wheels, which is equal to 3 times of unit wagers placed in roulette game. Also, there exist common well for all the three wheels in Roulette game. The ball will first fall in to the well and then 3 wheels will stop one by one. The three numbers that are aligned with well are then called and betting amounts corresponding to any of these numbers will receive winning payout in game.

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