Perfect Pairs blackjack is one of the online casino games that is being played similarly like blackjack. This game follows same rules as in regular Blackjack but with an extra feature, which is side bet. The side bet is for Perfect Pairs. You win perfect pairs when the first two card dealt to your hand will be a pair. Various list of the best online casinos are available where you can enjoy Perfect Pairs Blackjack. This should be noted that payouts for the bonus bet can change from one casino to another.

All rules were same as in regular blackjack except few. The main aim of Blackjack and Perfect Pairs is to attain twenty-one or as close to it. To be a winner you have to achieve twenty-one or closer to it than the dealer.

The screen set up in the game is easy to access and friendly with the users. Some of the important keys are located in the centre of the table, which gives red velvety appearance. The best part of this online game is that they offer insurance to the players. Generally, in most of the online blackjack games, the offering of insurance is not allowed to the players. They pay insurance 2:1. In blackjack and Perfect Pairs, when Ace will be the dealer face card then the players will get insurance. Players can get the insurance amount, which is half of your betting hand amount. If the dealer has blackjack, then players can get 2:1 on their bet and if the dealer does not have blackjack, then that money has been taken by the house.

The most interesting feature of Blackjack and Perfect Pairs is that you can place extra bets on each hand. If you can get any type of pairs then you will win money on your side bet. There are three kinds of pairs. A Perfect Pair are those cards, which are identical card of the same suit like two eight of clubs. A Colored Pair would be of same value and color like eight of diamond and eight of heart. Mixed Pair are those who have same value but different color like eight of clubs and eight of hearts.

If your first two cards you have either form a colored pair, a perfect pair or mixed pair then you will be awarded to suitable payout, which is automatically added to your online casino account. If your two cards do not form a pair then your side bet is removed from the table. The chances of having the matching pair are lower than the blackjack hand winning therefore players bet fewer amounts in this part. In order to win the dollar per hand, players bet on the Perfect Pairs.

Another interesting feature about Blackjack and Perfect Pairs is that the dealer has to beat on soft 17. A soft 17 means when a player has an Ace and six. The winning opportunity of players slightly increases when the dealer hit on a soft 17. You have to bear in mind that this is only a slight increase otherwise in most of the cases the house will always win.

Sometimes the playing screen of Blackjack and Perfect Pairs misleading the players as it says Blackjack pays 3:2. However, this is not true. Only the first time a blackjack hand gives a payout of 3:2 and after that all blackjack receives an even money payout. So keep enjoying by playing Perfect Pairs Blackjack.

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