The Game Lets Ride (CARD GAME) Online Casino Games

Games like roulette, poker, craps and blackjack are the leading games in casino whether they are land based or online. In old times slots were the only option to play, players get bored by playing same games therefore, they need some new and exciting games with latest additional features included in it. For this purpose, gaming industries had come up with a huge development in the games. One of the game serves best to players need is “Let it ride.”

Let it ride is a casino played at a relaxed way which has made it attractive to older players and also table game players. The game is played on a semi circular table. At one side of the table which is flat dealer stands while players on the circular side of the table. Let it ride is based on three players cards and two community cards. To start Let it ride game each player makes three equal bets of same size. Three cards were given to each player and also to the dealer. The dealer discloses one of his cards and rest of the two cards work as a community cards.

In Let it ride game the player is paid how good a poker hand is made by the players three cards and the dealer two community cards. After seeing their first three cards each player has the choice to take one of their bets back or to let it ride and leave it out. When all the players made their moves, then the dealer turns over one of the two community cards. This card is used as the forth card for all the player’s hands. Now its on you whether you wish to take down your bet or letting it ride, if you have your hand strong. If his hand appears weak he can withdraw one of his bets. Now it is the turn of the dealer to discard his second card. Then the players turn their cards face up. Each bet is paid out on the table as per defined schedule.

Those players will lose all the bets who have less than a pair of tens. The other players are paid according to their bets on the table at the following fixed odds. If you have a tens or better then payout is 1:1, two pairs is payout at 2:1, three of a kind payout at 3:1, straight is payout at 5:1, flush is payout at 8:1, full house is payout at 11:1, four of a kind payout at 50:1, straight flush is payout at 200:1 and royal flush is payout at 1000:1. There is an extra additional side bet, which you can place for a dollar while playing this game. All those players who are making their side bet will be qualified by getting a Royal flush was invited to million-dollar tournament. Even if the tournament is discontinued, the side bet can be placed for a bonus payoff but only when you have certain hands, which are been made.

This online cards game is the combination of various games. It is played on a blackjack like table but functions as a poker. The players were called to make intermediate decision, which is very essential factor in gambling. Strategy of the game is very simple only you have to remember some sorts of points while playing. Let it ride can be a fun game for recreational players. If you learn the strategy of this game then you will enjoy the excitement of this table game.

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