Rally of Gambling Bands for Electronic Bingo Legislation

This weekend, there will be a rally in United States of America, featuring some of the largest Bingo bands worldwide having the objective to implement legislation on electronic Bingo games in Washington DC of America. They are planning to convince the voters or players to come forward and to vote in favor of having suitable legislation for electronic Bingo games. Quinton Ross, Democratic Senators and Bobby Singleton are the well known personalities, who are inspiring people to vote in favor of them. All of these personalities are belonged to the recently formed Campaign for Jobs and Justice Committee. The personalities involved in the rally will march from Washington and will finish at the State House that will be responsible for passing electronic Bingo legislation in Alabama. As, during recent years, legislation related with the permission of gambling in the state had greatly failed to pass, so the main focus of the rally is towards changing of this trend in support of implementing gambling rules there. Partly, the rally was organized to oppose the decisions given by the Governor named Bob Riley along with the Supreme Court of Alabama.

The High Court of the State has deemed that electronic bingo machines as well as slot machines should be illegal in Alabama. Recently, the governor Riley had formed a special task force to charge with the objective of closing all of the casinos except the Indian ones in Alabama. A large number of casino and gambling machines get closed during the last few years in Alabama, who have given their own viewpoints related with the law. The Democratic lawmakers had mentioned that about thousands of people may lose their jobs due to the enforcement of the law for permitting games there. They also viewed that gambling games that were once having legitimate career, where people used to have training for many years, have now become illegal for them. As a result, these people will be left out by not having any work and their condition becomes worst than others. The reason is that, as they have a very little training and knowledge related with other fields of employment as they have only aimed for building their careers within the gambling industries only.

On the other hand, press secretary of Governor named Bob Riley had given an opposite viewpoint by stating that gambling will drain the economy of country rather than replenishing it in the game. This gets clear that gambling operators will attempt for signing up like many Democrats as they may go out and will vote on November. In fact, they are expecting that if they will be able to get more elected Democrats, they ultimately may legalize their casino industry so that they can make millions from the support of Alabamians.

Further to this, the speaker of Governor Riley had mentioned that they will collect money from the communities and then send them to the out of the state gambling bands of the world. The places having regulated gambling will be paid a very high price. However, they have paid an economic price because of job losses and export of billions of dollars from the local economies. They have also paid social price by seeing the crime rates reached at very high level. They have also paid political price as gambling bands have stronghold on the government. Mr. Riley does not want to consider any of these that have happened in Alabama. Lastly, chairperson of Campaign for Jobs and Justice had explained that the regulation itself is responsible for reducing the economy because less people will indicate less percentage of tax for the government.

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