Enjoy The Online Casino Games By Taking Challenges Away From Them

Most of the online casino games dependents solely on luck rather then skill or expertise knowledge. Slot machines, craps and roulette are some of the examples of these games. On the other hand there are games where winning or losing depends on knowledge and experience. Like in Blackjack, players have to accept a call whether they want to deal with another card or not. In Video poker, players have to make a decision which cards will be taken from the dealt hand. In the casino poker alternate name called Pai Gow Poker, players have to open their seven cards into two hands. If the players carry out these tasks successfully and correctly then they can achieve high profits. If they fail to do so then they will get considerably less profits as these game offers.
This challenge will be enjoyed by most of the online casino players. They will make more efforts to learn the strategy and become master in its use while playing at online casino. They will get more satisfied if they are able to make correct plays without using any tools. If the player is playing for free then accepting this challenge will cost nothing. During learning period if the players will make mistakes even after becoming experts then they do not suffers the loss of real money.

It makes problem for the players who make betting with their own funds. When the players make mistakes while learning the optimum strategy then they suffer a loss of money. If the players do not learn the correct strategy then they will suffer a lot. There is no guarantee that they will not repeat any mistake even after practicing with play money and then move on to real money. In order to provide the security to the player about the real money loss, the leading software providers have incorporate special features into the games. The Blackjack game strategy can be depicted on a strategy card. The moves in the Blackjack game were made auto play in accordance with the strategy card. In Video poker, cards should be automatically marked on hold, which is retained by the player according to the optimum strategy. In Pai Gow Poker, cards will be automatically split into two hands according to the optimum strategy. In this way, all challenges will goes away from the skill based online casino and converts them to luck based game. If the players want to pay for the challenge then they disable all the auto play features in the software and bets in the normal manner.

Online casinos are allowing players to make large profits by providing special auto play features into the software for the skill based games. This seems that the casinos will put themselves into a loss. This condition is similar to the one in which a seller decreases his cost to increase the demand of the product. The increased sale will balance the reduction amount. With the optimum strategy, blackjack variants offer 99% returns to the player. This implies that the online casino will earn only 1% profit. Without the optimum strategy, the average return is around 96% to the player. This implies that online casino will earn a 4% profit in the long run.
The built in optimum strategy provided by the software provider increases the numbers of players to large extent. They can make more profits with 1% as compared to 4%. Therefore removing the challenge from the online casino games will arouse the situation to win more for the players as well as online casino.

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