Joseph Jagger’s Winning in Biased Roulette Wheel

The roulette games are considered to be the most glamorous game among all the online and land based casino games played together. A wide range of glamour related with Roulette games are seen as coming from the Hollywood films. Casablanca movie and The Sting movie having well-known stars as Bogart and Robert respectively, has incorporated fabulous Roulette scenes that are eternally gets attached in the minds of the worldwide people. However, there are Roulette players in real life, whose adventures are more dramatic as compared to the players shown in fiction of movies.

About Joseph Jagger and Biased Roulette Wheel
Joseph Jagger is mainly regarded as the first renounced Roulette player. Jagger was a British engineer during the middle of 19th century, who has acquired a very good knowledge and experience in machines, when he was working in cotton industry. He had speculated that the outcomes could not take place in purely random manner in case of any Roulette wheel. This is because; mechanical imbalances present in the machinery may lead to biases towards some of the specific Roulette outcomes. Thus, in the year 1873, Jagger has decided to test this theory. So, he hired 6 clerks, to secretly observe the number patterns that are being called in the Beaux Arts Casino of Monte Carlo. On examining the results, he had observed that one of the Roulette wheels is showing an unmistakable bias in the calling pattern of numbers. There are nine numbers, which were called more frequently as compared to any other numbers present on the Roulette wheel.
Joseph Jagger then decides to take advantage of this information by having his massive winnings in Roulette game. Therefore, on 7th of July, 1875, he had gone to Beaux Arts Casino and then started placing bets on favorable nine numbers on that biased Roulette wheel.

During first three days only, Joseph Jagger had won a massive amount worth £60,000, which will be equivalent to approximately £3 million during the present times. However, after sometimes, the owners of casino had recognized this fact of biased wheel and thus they rearranged the position of the Roulette wheel. So on the next day, he again started losing the Roulette game. Thus, he left from Beaux Arts Casino of Monte Carlo by winning a massive amount, which will worth more than £3 million during the present times. The British Engineer then resigned from his service at cotton industry and then invested his money in property. In the year 1892, he took his last breath at the age of 72 years.

During the later times of 19th Century, technology has improved to such an extent that now it is impossible to find any of the land based casinos, having Roulette wheels with bias. However, some of the players still continued to remain very hopeful and can be found as noting down the called numbers at various Roulette wheels and trying to locate bias. Theoretically, Roulette wheel of land based casinos, may incorporate some bias but in case of online Roulette wheels of modern time, this can never be possible. This is because, online casinos incorporates Random Number Generators (RNGs), which calls the numbers on the basis of software having no moving parts. Moreover, this is fact that any fraudulent software may lead to bias in the Roulette wheel, so for this well-known online software providers of casino games, have their software properly tested and then certified by independent expert agencies. In fact, this was only the introduction of the practice of third party certification, which leads to the popularity of online gambling industries among worldwide players.

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