Innovative Features of Premier Roulette Game by Microgaming Software

Roulette is one type of online casino game, where it is very difficult to bring improvement in it. During the last few years, a large number of new features are incorporated in the simple game of Roulette but none of them has proved to be relevant for long time. In spite of all these constraints, Microgaming, an innovative online gaming software provider has introduced a new online Roulette game, which is named as Premier Roulette. As the name implies, this variant of online Roulette has taken the game of Roulette to an entire new level.

The layout of the gaming features as well as screen’s operating buttons is arranged in far better ordered manner as compared to other Roulette variants. This will not only provide very pleasant appearance but will also result in convenient navigation. The highlight of Premier Roulette game by Microgaming software provider is the Change Table Customization (CTC) option. Although, other variants of online Roulette are capable of providing customization of Roulette table to some extent, but the customization option offered by Premier Roulette is the outstanding one. The wheel of Roulette is available in two different colors as brown and black, while blue, green and red colors are for the color of felt. Therefore, the combination of wheel and felt will allow players to choose from 6 different color options in the Roulette game.

The wheel of Roulette displays in the 3 Dimensional format, which will provide a touch of realism to the players. However, maximum online Roulette players will prefer to have the wheel in a flat view and so in Premier Roulette, both table and wheel layouts are presented in side by side format. Here table layouts are utilized for placing outside and inside bets, while wheel layouts are for placing the splits and call bets.

Now, top left corner of the Premier Roulette game has incorporated features, which will give an excellent visual experience to the players. The feature of Change Table can be triggered at this point. Another feature named Video Zoom will zoom in on the winning number after the Roulette wheel come to the rest position. The feature of Win Details is an essential one for those players, who wager on large number of varying bets available there. This is because; by the virtue of this feature, players can be able to know the details of his winning bets, the wagered amount, the winning amount and the payout ratio, while playing the game. Also, players are required to select any one from the two different Game Speeds in case of Premier Roulette. Lastly, the Turbo option is used to keep away the animation of rotating wheel and thus directly displays the ball in the final pocket, as soon as the Play Button is triggered.

The statistical information related with Premier Roulette game is displayed at the top right corner of the screen. This covers both the Won Amount as well as the Bet Amount. This History section will show the last 9 numbers that are being called, having different columns for both black and red numbers. The Cover % will show the percentage of numbers, which are covered by the bets placed by players. Expert players, who are willing to go for a detailed analysis of Premier Roulette game, can be able to obtain a lot of information by simply clicking on Statistics button. The operating buttons of Premier Roulette are available at the bottom right corner of the screen. The game can be played in any of the Regular or Expert mode.

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