Massive Payouts for Hi Lo Stages of Playtech Casino Games

The well-known online gambling software provider Playtech is offering an astonishing range of Arcade games at their online casinos. They have added some Hi Lo games in their Arcade games. The interesting feature of these Hi Lo games is that they are made to integrate with famous themes and has incorporated remarkable innovations.

One of the popular games, which are powered by Playtech software provider, is Around the World Hi Lo. In this game, by predicting the results correctly, the players can enjoy 4-stage journey across the world. In order to traverse from any particular stage to the next stage, players are required to go through 6 stages of Hi Lo guessing. The first stage in game is Paris, having Eiffel Tower. The second is New York, having Statue of Liberty. The third is Great Wall of China and lastly, fourth stage is London having Big Ben. When the players reached to the fourth stage or final stage, the safe will open to highlight the gold coins. During every gaming stage, the players can either collect the winning payout for that particular stage or continue playing for the next stages. By reaching to the first stage, players become eligible to receive payout as 2.5 times of the amount wagered in the game. The second stage will give payout as 3 times, the third stage will give 3.5 times and lastly, fourth stage will give payout of 4.

During every spin, the main objective of the players is to guess the next number correctly. This means that the players are required to estimate, whether the coming number is lower or higher than the last one. In case of Hi Lo Game, powered by Playtech, the similar number will never come more than once in one row. If the players select the numbers correctly, they will get advanced by one step. Six correct selections will cause the players to reach towards the next level. However, in case of incorrect predictions of the players, this is not necessary that they will lose all the amounts. For the first time, the player predicts incorrectly within one particular stage, he will get one strike. If he predicts incorrectly for the second time within the same stage, the game will collapsed and the player will lose all the amounts staked by him. On reaching the ending of any particular stage by on strike, the existing strike will get cleared. However, there is also a penalty related with the stage, according to which the wagered amount will not be multiplied by respective payout multiplier, but will remain the same. Hence, players will neither won nor lose the money.

The wheel is numbered between 1 and 49. However, this wheel has 3 special events and can stop on any one of these. The first special event is demoted by RS, which will be revealed as Remove Strike. If any player will receive the strike during this particular stage, his strike will be removed and the player will have a clear state. This implies that on approaching to the next stage, if the player does not contain any strike, he will deserve to obtain multiple payouts. The second one is denoted by AS that implies Advance One Step. As the name suggests, players will move to the next step for free and are required to predict one time lesser than usual times. They are required to use the last number one more time for predicting, whether the next number will be lower or higher. Lastly, the third event is denoted by AL, which implies Advance One Level, where players get advanced to end of the level for free.

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