Massive Payouts from Online Keno Game Powered by Top Game Software

Online Keno is one of the popular as well as very exciting games to be played at the online casinos. However, this game does not provide best average returns to the online players, but is able to provide massive payouts to them. There are large numbers of risk taking players at the online casinos, which preferred to settle by lower returns obtained from online keno, in order to get higher payouts. Therefore, at present, almost all the well-known online software provider will provide Online Keno Games in their portfolios.

The online keno games provided by Top Game online software is more or less similar to the online keno games provided by others. Here, the online keno game can be accessed by using More Games tab available in the client lobby of casino. This game possesses a visually classic styling such that the gaming as well as display grounds is crafted very efficiently in the form of wood panel. The tickets for playing online keno will display at the centre of the wood panel. Similar to land based casinos, here also the keno tickets are separately divided in to two sections, where the first 40 numbers (from 1 to 40) are kept at the top half position, while next 40 numbers (from 41 to 80) are placed at the bottom half. At the left side, there exists display for the payout table. The top cell will display that the number of spots that are selected by players, while beneath that respective payout table will display. As the number of selected spots gets changed, the respective payout table will also be adjusted in the automatic manner. At the right side of the online keno ticket, the results of keno game will be displayed. The operating buttons of keno game will align at the bottom.

The players are allowed to select maximum 15 spots manually, by simply clicking on the number of tickets. The chosen spots get converted in to green background. The spots selected by players can also be rejected by simply clicking on them. Now, in case, any player is willing to select all the 15 spots in random manner, then there also exists one provision for doing that by the Top Game Software. For this, players are required to click on the Generate 15 Numbers button. After the selection is being done, the keno game gets triggered by clicking on the “Play” button. Here, the numbers will appear one after another in the space available beneath the keno ticket. Now, the numbers, which do not coincide with the numbers that are selected, cross will be marked on that numbers in the keno ticket. In contrast, if the numbers get coincide with those that are selected by players, the background of that numbers will become white. One significant rule of the Keno game provided by Top Game software is that the highest payout will worth $50,000 in each game, regardless of that displayed by the payout table.

In this keno game, the minimum wagering amount is $0.05, while maximum amount is $10. The top game software will provide players to provide opportunity to repeat 5, 10, 15 or 20 games, by using the same ticket as well as same bet without any interruption between the games. Generally, players at online casinos like to play the keno games having marked with 15 spots. For this type of keno game, the payout for three hits is 0.5, while for 15 hits is 10,000. Players, who wager with $5, will receive $50,000 for this outcome in keno game.

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