Sources of Releasing Promos by Online Casinos

Online casinos worldwide provide self-contained betting environments, but the players cannot be separate from the things that are going on around them. Hence, majority of the online casinos utilize externally occurring events in order to base promos of their casinos. This gives a theme to the promotion and facilitates for having variety that will lead to heavy traffic and popularity of the online casinos. There exist wide varieties of external events, which have utilized as significant concepts of promotions by the casino. Some of the popularly used concepts described here.

The promos of majority of online casinos are themed on festival holidays. As the holidays take place around the year, some specific festivals become traditionally popular at the online casinos. They are Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, Halloween, Easter, St. Patrick's Day and Valentine's Day. Since, all the players are in the mood to play there, so online casinos try to have more players wagering on games provided by them by giving massive bonuses and other incentives. In addition to this, because there is the holiday, so players will have more time to play online games there. Therefore, different online casinos compete with each other during this time. There are many online gaming software providers, having slots games themed on festivals, which also become the theme of the promo. There are many promos offering wagering contests or freeroll tournaments, which have formulated in graphics and text highlighting any of the festivals.

International sporting events are another major source of online casino promos. This year, World Cup Football, which is the highest worldwide sporting spectacle, took place, where for celebrating this, they have offered the jerseys of their favorite team to the players. Inter Casino even give the opportunity to its players to enjoy some of the matches from the stadiums. In some of the promos performed by online casinos, the luck of the players is not only depending upon the placed bet but also with the performance of the team, which they are supporting. The Olympics and Football World Cup take place at every four years, which have completely exploited by the online casinos for their brand values. In addition, there are many annual sports betting events, although having comparatively smaller magnitude, but are equally popular in the online casinos. Some of the well-known football events are European Club Football (ECF), English Premier League (EPL). USA’s sports betting leagues that features baseball, basketball and football are also equally popular.

The entertainment industries events have also form the basis for online casino promos. One among the well-known event used for the promo is the Oscar Awards. This is because there are many movies that are themed on the online slots games. One of the promo took place at the Ruby Royal casino has related with guessing the winners for particular categories of awards. In addition to this, sometimes any movie having an impressive impact has released and become the attracting point for the online casino promos. At the starting of this year, the movie named Alice in Wonderland has released in 3 dimensional format having Johnny Depp as playing the role of Mad Hatter. Virgin Casino has taken the advantage of this holistic movie by releasing a promo themed on Alice's Wonderland slot game. American Idol is also one of the well-known reality shows. Villento Casino has run a promo based on the same structure as American Idol show. The promo begins with a wide variety of well-known Microgaming slots and on every week, the online slots game having the minimum bet would eliminate. Players can win massive prizes based on their selection of online slots games and amount of bet placed there.

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