Ways of Playing Pai Gow Poker at Online Casinos powered by Rival Gaming

The online casinos have become very much popular among the worldwide players. One of the famous casino games is named as Pai Gow Poker, which is listed among the table games as Pai Gow in all the online casinos, powered by Rival Gaming. The minimum betting amount that player can place in this game is $1, while the maximum betting amount is $250. Apart from this, different betting chips having varying denominations as $100, $25, $10, $5 and $1 will display on the table edge, from which players are allowed to place their bets by simply clicking on the chips having particular denominations. Consider an example; if any player wants to place bet of $6, he is required to click the chip of $1 as well as chip of $5 for once. This places two different chips in the area that is marked with Bet. The online casinos, powered by Rival Gaming will not provide any button for withdrawing the betting amounts. Instead of this, betting amounts are required to be withdrawn by simply clicking on the chips that are placed in the area of Bet.

As soon as the betting amount is placed, Deal Button will display on the gaming screen. On clicking the Deal Button, seven cards of the players will get faced up, while seven cards of the dealers get faced down. The cards contained by the dealers are set in the ‘Second Highest’ and the ‘Highest’ hands. The Highest hand of the player will consist of five cards, while that ‘Second Highest’ hand will have two cards. Now, the players have to separate their own seven cards in to Second Highest as well as Highest Hands. According to the rules of playing Pai Gow Poker game, the ‘Highest’ hand contains higher rank of hands as compared to ‘Second Highest’ Hand.

In all of the online casinos, powered by Rival Gaming, the players are offered with two different options for splitting their cards in to their two hands. For the first option, players are required to click on any two cards that they want in the Second Highest Hand. In the second option, players are required to click on the House Way button. The House Way button will then split the seven cards by following the rules of Pai Gow Poker. In this way, players can get an excellent opportunity to win the game. After this, players will click on the Play button for preceding the game. In case, the players split the cards, without making use of House Way, and commit mistakes, the Play Button will not appear on the gaming screen and hence, players are again required to split the cards in some other way. The players have also allowed clicking on the cards selected by him in order to cancel them. On clicking the Play Button, hands contained by the dealer have exposed. Now, software will compare the Highest Hand of the dealer with that of the player and Second Highest Hand of the dealer with that of the player. The payouts are given to the players in accordance with the rules of Pai Gow Poker. Now, if any player is willing to place the same bet again, he is only required to click on the Rebet button. Alternatively, players can also place new bets by clicking on the chips by following the same procedure. Therefore, Pai Gow Poker online games involve lots of fun and enjoyment to play with it especially in online casinos, powered by Rival Gaming. Join with any Rival gaming powered online casino for playing this game today.

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