Combined version of Slots and Video Games

We all are aware of the fact that Slots is one of the most popular casino games among gamblers. The most appealing reason behind it is that slots is a game where wining or losing is based on luck rather then on the skill or experience of the player and it has the power to make a player rich in just one spin. It is being said that skilled players who are capable to make their own strategy generally avoid playing slots because this game does not have much scope for strategy. Here you just need to clink on your mouse or push a button and then let your luck handle everything.

These types of players prefer to play games like poker, video poker and blackjack, this is so because their want to have some control on the outcome. Slots developers then realized that player want to control their just like the video games. This concepts sounds slightly fascinating, so here lets take a look on how slots game is been fantastically blended with video games.

Video Games meet Slots
Slots manufacturers tried to give players more control on the game with skill stop, this enables players to stop the reels of the machine manually but still the fact is skill stop is governed by RNG that is Random Number generator.

As in slots, luck is the dominating factor over skill so most of the casino players prefer to play poker, blackjack or other table games because they think that while playing table games they can gain a competitive edge or can even minimize their losses. Thus, slots manufactures are trying to bring more agility into the game for attracting more players. They are now planning to incorporate more skill to the bonus games.


while the bonus games based on skills and joysticks of slots is definitely something for moving forward, it is entirely the competition aspect, which really aims at the interested people. As the video games industries have made huge profits by increase of head-to-head (H to H) online gaming so online casinos are also seeking guidance from this. On further proceeding, they also want some ways, by which slots players can pit with one another along with having all the elements of game as alive.
Such types of slots games are not available to players and there is no exact timeframe regarding when they will available to players. Still players can be exciting about thinking that slots manufactures are trying their best to create a competitive environment in slots game similar to video gamers.

Cost of Entertainment
One very important point, which is linked with slots machine is the payout percentages that is the average amount of money, which you are expecting back from the slots machine for every dollar you wager on the game. In general, online slots games offer higher payouts as compared to the one played ion brick and mortal casino.

However, when slots game will be modified in video game version then the payout percentage will surely become smaller then the normal, this is so because at the end slots machines are set for earning profit, so when a fortunate player will make huge amount of money from the bonus game then to compensate that payout percentage will be reduced. In sort, players who are excellent in playing video gamers will surely earn huge amount from these slots machine.

Therefore, the combination of video game and slots games sounds very exciting and I am sure whenever this game will be launched in the gaming market it will gain huge popularity among gamblers.

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