Risky Strategies for Playing Sic-Bo Game

The online casino games, especially the Sic Bo has become very much popular among the worldwide online casinos. The Sic Bo game is not a complicated one. The only thing is that players should be well aware about the wagering options that they have while playing this game. The majority of strategies related with the game of Sic Bo include taking fewer risks for winning huge amount of money. However, as per the present strategy, players should look forward for spending slightly more.

Strategies in case of Double and Single Bets

Here, players are allowed to place more bets as compared to only one bet, which implies that players are allowed to place bets for covering other wagering amounts. On the other hand, if the bets will go wrong, the players may lose two or three bets as compared to only one. Hence, this type of wagering option is considered as more risky and not the suitable strategy to be followed in game. The whole process will work as follows. Suppose any player has placed his bets for the rolling of two dice to show number 1. This means, he wants double 1 on a small bet. Now, if the bet placed by player is right, dice will roll two 1s along with another number and hence he will win both of the bets. In contrast, if only one dice rolls 1, he may lose the double bet. The double bets will offer money winning money than the small bets.

Strategies in case of Cover Bets

In addition, players are also allowed to place the same amount on both single as well as double bets. Therefore, by this, if any player places $5 on each of bets and after this received even money for placing small bet, he will neither gain nor lose money from the game. By following this strategy, the bets placed by the players are known as cover bet. In the basic way, cover bets imply that players will not lose any money from the game. This only depend on the players that how he wants to place his bet in Sic Bo game. The odds for placing every type of bets will differ from each other. Consider an example that the player is placing the bet on either 9 or 12 as the total outcome of all the three dice, he will posses more opportunity for winning that bet. For this, the odds will be 15/2, while the payout will be 7/1. Therefore, this is quite a very good base.

Strategy, where Minimum Risk is Involved

The strategy, in which medium risk is involved, will recommend the players to have small numbers of bets at first and then if they will be able to cover those bets properly, they will get a very good return. However, the problem related with this type of bet is that the cover bets of the players may also be incorrect. For this, let us consider the previous example. Suppose that the two dice will roll 1, so we have placed both the double bet as well as the single bet. Now, if the player is wrong and only one dice will roll the number 1, there exist, every possibility that small bet will be wrong. The small bet will be within number 10. This implies that if any player will roll two sixes and a single one, he will definitely lose the small bet. From this point of view there exists very high increase in the losses while playing Sic Bo game. Therefore, the high as well as medium risks strategies should be referred by the players only, if they afford to do so.

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