New Poker Slots Game Features People-Like Vision

For several years, this is seemed that the casinos were merely the contents having only similar types of slots and video poker games for the players. This is because in the past, only the beckoning of strong riches had always remained enough for drawing the attention of the players towards casinos. However, at present, people are living in the new sector of gambling. Hence, players have shown interest in something new and more rather than merely operation the buttons as per the basic strategy.
Players are interested to play such kind of casino games where some element of skill is involved or where latest gaming technology is being used. As we know that recently, huge developments have, taken place in this sector, as in the case with slots and now we have human-like poker slots game called Texas Hold’em Heads Up Video Poker. So let’s take a look on human poker slots machine.

Reading your Opponent
One of the special features about the poker game is that it incorporates human beings utilizing the process of complex thoughts for making decisions. In this way, this game is different from traditional electronic games (e-games) played in online casinos and operated on the basis of RNG’s (Random Number Generators) and software programmes of computers. However, utilization of mathematical code could not able to provide similar kind of interaction as can be obtained between the two players in a poker room, while playing the poker game.

This is exactly what International Game Technology; a game design company was trying to change with Texas Hold’em Heads Up Video Poker. Uniqueness of this game is because of two reasons
•It’s operated through a slots game.
•Texas Hold’em Heads Up is programmed to think like a human
According to the first point, IGT (International Gaming Technology) has adopted the technology of neural net. This is simply a mathematical formula, which leads the game to incorporate many human behavioral patterns. In short, this Texas Hold’em game will create many typical actions of poker game as analyzing ones game, bluffing and pausing before taking action. As the fact, the gaming screen also reads “Thinking” when it will try to make some tough decisions.

The most interesting part of this game is that it offers you an opportunity to play against an opponent who is similar like a human that too without sitting at the poker table. This is the best choice for those players who love to feel intimidated in a live poker setting and we are sure that this game will surely gain huge popularity in the coming years.

WSOP Debut
Different from some of the advanced technology of casino games, which have been discussed at present, Texas Hold’em Video Poker Game has already revealed to public. Before the final table of WSOP Main Event 2011 starts playing, IGT have made their slots machines available to all of its visitors and members of media. As per the word of mouth, the poker slots game will lead to a massive hit among all the players, who will play it.

The most interesting aspect of this Texas Hold’em Heads Up is that there are various exciting and unique options are incorporated in this game. Lets take a look on some of the interesting thing that a player can do is looking at the computer opponent’s hole cards and can also carry their good luck charm.

Whole of this sounds extremely exciting and I am sure that this will actually come in the market will gain huge success.

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