Winning Strategies involved in Texas Hold’em Poker Game

Most of the experts of Texas Hold’em players many deny the significance of various other factors to become a successful Texas Hold’em player, but they have a strong belief that for getting success, players should have the ability to make very good decisions about playing hands. While observing one person as committing error by playing with very few hands, most of the observers may believe that staring with very less hands will cause loss from the game. So, by this, they will go to the opposite direction and play the Texas Hold’em game with maximum numbers of playing hands. In all types of variations in poker game, particularly at the lower limits, new player will have to give a very high penalty for playing with any of the very high or very less playing hands.

On the basis of this proclivity and undesirable consequences of this behavior, it may be the best advice for the starting players to give special attention towards the identification of only those hands, which will give excellent opportunity to win the money. After this, there will be some other factors as desire to become deceptive, post-flop strategies, requirement to play the players, importance of position and significance of image at table are also required to be learned in a very well manner. However, all of these are very critical issues, which are difficult to compute. Luckily for the beginners, one skill that will help them in easy computation is the determination of starting hands, which are worthwhile. One easy method for identification of winning hands is prescribed in this article.

•First of all, players should add values to all of his cards as Ace will have 16 points, King and Queen will get 14 and 13 points respectively and Jack and Ten will have 12 and 11 points respectively. Apart from this, remaining cards will have their face values only such as two will have 2 points etc.

•Now, if two cards of the players remain paired, they should add 10 points to the total.

•If both the two cards are having similar suit, players should add four points.

•If the cards of the players are connected such as next to one another in terms of rank, as in the case of either Jack and Queen or Jack and Ten, players should add three points.

•If the cards of the players are having one difference in terms of their ranks, such as Ace and Queen or Queen and Ten, they should add 2 points.

•Lastly, if the cards of the players will have difference of two, as per their ranks, players should add only one point.

Any hand, which makes a total of minimum thirty points is considered as premium hand and can be enjoyed from any position, but only if there is no raise. You can also select to enjoy upraised hands with 27 points but in middle position only. By confining themselves to the hands of only 30 points, players will always play with premium cards. The simulations of Monte-Carlo type have proved that earning of 30 or higher points under this system will win minimum 17% of the playing hands in a ten-handed game. Obviously, a random hand will win 10% of time as per the conditions of Monte-Carlo, which implies that each of the hand must be played to the finish. Hence, 30 point hand will win at the rate of approximately 70% of winning chance. This will give margin of safety to the new players, while they will proceed to develop other essential skills required for getting massive success in this interesting but complex game.

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