Various Aspects of Martingale Doubling Strategy in Online Roulette

Roulette is a game table game and since 19th century, it is one of the most popular brick and mortal casino game among gamblers. Roulette is a game of luck that is winning or losing in roulette depends solely on luck instead of expertise knowledge or skill. However, since the time roulette came into existence gamblers are trying their best to form strategies for turning the game in their favor. Among all the strategies one, which is very frequently used is the Martingale doubling strategy. Here in this article we will discuss in detail about various roulette strategies along with their limitations.

The Martingale doubling strategy is specifically framed for the even money payout bets placed on online roulette. Some of these bets are even/odd, 1-18/19-36 and black/red. The players decide their unit bet, suppose $1 for convenience and one of the even money bets, suppose red. Thus, player makes a bet of $1 on red and every times he/she losses doubles the bet on red and if he/she wins then they can start another cycle. Now lets take a look on how this how the Martingale doubling strategy actually works. Suppose a player makes $1 on red and wins, he will then receive $2 as winning. Now after deducting his bet of $1 he wins $1. Now if he looses then he will next place 2 on red, so his total investment now becomes $3, but if he wins then he will be rewarded $4 as winning, so after deducting his bet of $3 he will win $1. In case he again loose on bet $2 then he will make bet of $4, now the wager ultimately becomes $8, if win then after deducting the bet of $7 he wins $1. Here its very clearly visible that every stake ends with a minimum wining.

The whole concept of Martingale doubling strategy is based on an assumption that loosing streak does not forever. Now suppose a player bets on black, the probability that the upcoming color will be black is 50% and probability of the number being black twice is 25%. Now probability of the number black thrice becomes just 6.25%. Now if a player is willing to reduce the risk level to less then 1% then he need to play at least 7 spins. Therefore, if a player needs to start with $1 then he needs to have minimum $64 bankroll, this is so because if color black is called for 7 times that he will loose $64. At the end, the player will earn $1. However, here it seems taking lo of pain inconvenience just for winning $1.

The minimum limit that a low roller expects to win from the roulette game is at least $10. So if you are planning to win this amount using the Martingale doubling strategy then you must have minimum $640 as bankroll. In case, your desired winning amount gets raised to $50, then the bankroll must be at least $3,200. Hence, though the Martingale doubling strategy for 7 spins has ninety-nine percent plus chance of winning, The winning amount will be less then two percent of the bankroll.

The most consideration point is that almost all the online casinos have certain wagering limits such as Realtime Gaming imposes a limit of $50, Microgaming online roulette has a limit of $200 and so on. So, with these limits it becomes also impossible for anyone to win $10.Therefore, consider these points before employing this strategies in your roulette game.

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