Auto Play Feature related with Online Slots Tournaments

Now days, most of the players would find this inconceivable for placing their bets at online slots games without utilizing the option of Auto Play. However, tournaments of online slots are completely different. The option of Auto Play will not give similar type of benefit at all the time, so this should be avoided by the newly joined casino players. Moreover, in case of utilizing this option, it should be utilized very cautiously and only for small time.

The major drawback related with the use of Auto Play option in the online slots tournaments is that the Auto Play option will work only with fixed amounts of bets. This implies that if any player will set the option of Auto Play function for 100 spins, all of the spins are required to be played by the same betting amount. This type of facility has proved to be a problem in case of online slots tournaments because tournaments of online slots games involves continuous switching from conservative type of betting to aggressive type and vice-versa depending upon the position of the player on the leader board and the time that is left.

However, players can utilize the facility of Auto Play in case of short intervals, during which they are not required to change the amount of placed bet. this situation will more commonly takes place just after the beginning of the online slots tournament. But, in this case also, Auto Play option has to be used very cautiously. One of the leading online gambling software providers Vegas Technology has incorporated an excellent Auto Play options and this facility can be utilized as a very good example.

The Auto Play option features by The Vegas Technology, enable players to select their wager form the provided option rather then entering your desired values. As far as number of spins is concerned players can chose from a wide range provided. However, for online slots tournament, players choice are limited to only first 3 option that is five, ten and twenty-five. In case the tournament allow players to wager at least for an hour then players can begin with twenty-five auto spins. However, suppose tournament allows wagering only for ten minutes then I think five auto spins would be correct choice. This Auto Play facility also enables players to set the number of seconds between every spins. The lowest option available for this is 0.25 sec, players can opt for this option. This will help player to utilize most of their allotted time. This is the best way and is preferred by most of the online slots players.

Now in the next level of Auto Play players will have four options, from which they need to select anyone to stop the auto spins. You can use this option when a jackpot gets hit, when you win massive amount, when your wagering limit comes to an end and so on. Credits here vary from fifty credits to maximum two hundred and fifty credits that to in an interval of fifty credits. Select of amount solely depends on the parameters of the online slots tournament as well as the position of players at the time.

Remember that Auto Play is an option that can be controlled manually that is it can be stopped any time as per your wish, simply by clicking on the stop option provided. So, if you want to change your wagering amount then you do not need to wait for the auto plain to stop. This was all about the auto play feature.

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