Massive Winnings from Progressive Jackpot Feature of Roulette Royale

Microgaming is the only online gaming software provider, which has included a progressive jackpot roulette game in its portfolio. This special version of roulette game is titled as Roulette Royale. The unique nature of this version of online roulette game has grabbed a huge amount of traffic, though the progressive jackpot incorporated in it is not so much attractive as in the case of online slots games.

In each of the spins, players are required to place the compulsory betting amount of $1 for winning the progressive jackpot. The payout obtained for this bet will be obtained in this manner. In case any number has been called for successively two times, the payout will be $15, while the investment made will be $2. In case the number is called successively for 3 times, the payout will be $200, along with $15 from the previous win, while the investment would be $3. If any number is called consecutively for 4 times, the payout will be $3,000 along with $215 from the previous win, with an investment of only $4. Lastly, on calling any number for 5 times in consecutive manner, players can get the progressive jackpot, whose value would be more than $3,215 from previous winning amounts. Therefore, for winning the progressive jackpot, minimum investment amount of $5 should be made essentially.

The progressive jackpot in the Roulette Royale game will start from $60,000, which will keep on increasing with each of the spins, to the time it is hit. The progressive jackpot does not increase by the total wagering amount of $1 as part of this amount is kept separately for getting the reset value. Approximately, over long time durations, this has been highlighted growth of $750 in one day. The average payout that can be obtained from the progressive jackpot is approximately $670,000. However, about one year before, there occurs a massive payout of approximately $1 million from this progressive jackpot.

The house edge incorporated in this roulette game can be calculated in mathematical way. At the reset value of jackpot worth $60,000, the house edge is approximately 37%. This percentage of house edge will go on decreasing and when the progressive jackpot amount approaches to $780,000, the house edge becomes equal to zero. After this, Roulette Royale will become a paying proposition and thus will grab huge amount of traffic. However, players can also place their bets in this roulette game even at higher housing edges. This is because; players will take higher amounts of risks, when the wagering amount is large. This is the special characteristic available in all of the progressive jackpots and in this respect, progressive jackpot of the Roulette Royale is also not different. Excluding the unique feature of progressive jackpot, Roulette Royale game strictly follows the rules of European Roulette game. This roulette variant is played with 37 numbers on the Roulette wheel, consisting of numbers 1, 2, 3 to up to 36 along with a single 0.

In terms of feature, Roulette Royale game is an excellent game, similar to any other versions of Roulette powered by Microgaming software. This game also incorporates many customization options such as zoom animations, quick spin, and sound options. In addition to this, there exists an Expert Mode, which gives a comprehensive Auto Play feature as well as facilitates the neighbor bets to be placed in a convenient manner. Players preferring to play with complicated wagering options can save maximum 8 bets by the help of Edit option. Roulette Royale variant of roulette game can be played at all the online casinos, powered by Microgaming software as All Slots Casino, Gaming Club and Roxy Palace etc.

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