Exciting Features of Caribbean Stud Game

Caribbean Stud is one of the new rages related with online gambling sector. It had come in trend just before few years but has shown no signs of diminishing of its popularity. The basis of Caribbean Stud game is that it is a poker game of 5 card stud, which utilizes the poker hands. However, there also exist strong similarities between blackjack and Caribbean Stud,. These are size of the gaming table and focus on the game. The game of Caribbean Stud will be played between each of the dealer as well as the player only. In this game, players are not allowed to play against one another, even when large number of players will sit at the table. The game will proceed by following some particular steps, which are mentioned in this article.

•First of all each of the players will pay a stake amount that will be kept in front of him.
•If any player wants, he can also place additional betting amount in the side pot for obtaining the bonus jackpot.
•Every player will receive 5 cards as face down, while dealer will get 4 cards as face down and only one card as face up.
•Now, one of the betting rounds will take place. The betting round in this case, is not the normal poker betting round, instead of that it is an immediate call for the double betting amount. Since the player is only facing the dealer, so he should simply decide, whether he has to call the dealer. Thus, in this case, there will neither raising nor checking. This betting will be done on the “bet” marking in front of the player, but will not go to the progressive jackpot.
•The dealer will then collect the betting amounts of all the players, who have folded.
•The dealer will then flip his cards. In case the hand is not better, the king-ace call bet will be returned and betting amounts will be paid even money. In case of qualifying, the best hand will win.
•Every player, qualifying for the progressive jackpot must be payed during the starting of the game and should also have minimum hand of ace-king. In this case, dealer would be allowed to flip the cards.
•Now, players are allowed to either accumulate the winnings or let them to place another bet again.

Now, in case the hand of the dealer gets success in beating the player, the player will lose all the amounts. If the hands of the players beat the dealer, he is also paid for placing the bets and hence the call bet for Ace-King or Pair will be 1/1, for 2 Pair will be 2/1, for three identical cards will be 3/1, for Straight and Flush will be 4/1 and 5/1 respectively, Full House will be 7/1, and lastly Straight and Royal Flush would be 50/1 and 100/1 respectively.

The progressive jackpot for Flush will be $50, for Full House will be $75 and lastly for Straight and Royal Flush will be 10% and 100% of the pot respectively. Majority of players prefer the speed of Caribbean Stud game. This game contains a very good ambience of blackjack game but is played at comparatively proper tempo. In addition to this, the game of Caribbean Stud is played with very much ease and relaxed mood along with the massive progressive jackpot, which leads it one of the funny and exciting gambling games played at the casinos. Join any of the casino for playing the game of Caribbean Stud today. 

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