Scenes of Baccarat Game in Well-known Movies

The game of Baccarat is also stereotyped as one of the rigid game of casino that is played by rich people. However, the fact is that various other people enjoy this game and the reason for worldwide popularity involves the pop culture references of baccarat game. This had been rightly said that it is definitely a funny game, on seeking many years to find some of the attractive appearances of popular culture.

Game of Baccarat in Novels and Movies of James Bond

Some of the references of popular culture of baccarat game are observed in the novels and movies of James Bond. First, a well-known author named Ian Fleming had tied Agent 007 with the game in his novel named Casino Royale. In this novel, James Bond had played role of bad guy as Le Chiffre, who placed high bets against Chemin de Fer. The popular movies, in which baccarat game is featured prominently, are Thunderball and Golden Eye.

Game of Baccarat in Movie of Rush Hour 3

One among the recent appearances of baccarat on the huge screen, take place in the film of Rush Hour 3, having stars as Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan. In this movie, at one scene, the character of Tucker as James Carter has been seen as trying to impress a woman by playing at the baccarat table. After dealt with his two kings, Tucker demands for “hit” to the dealer as in case of Blackjack. After being dealt by another king, Cater perceives that his three cards as kings will remain strong hand, unless this is informed by the dealer that score of Tucker is zero and he had lost the game.

Game of Baccarat in Science Fiction Show of Star Trek

Star Trek is one of the science fiction show, which pursue futuristic and outer space adventures of Starship Enterprise. This movie has highlighted the baccarat scene during Season 4 episode known as “Our Man Bashir”. At one scene, Lt. Julian Bashir had played the game of baccarat in order to set free his friend from the holodeck. The scenario is most or less similar to the movie of James Bond.

Game of Baccarat in Popular Cartoon Show as Pinky and Brain

For several years, Pinky and the Brain had remained one of the well-known cartoon shows on television. The show had focused on two mice named Brain and Pinky, which had devised several plots worldwide. In the episode of Season 4 as “Brain’s Way”, the plan of mouse Brain takes it to the year 1967 for operating Las Vegas casino. As per the Las Vegas casino, being planned by Brain, baccarat is the only game played by people. The scene highlights that the mice Brain had believed the game of baccarat as the only casino game, which involves proper strategy. However, gaming strategy of Baccarat is not too much complicated and hence one can learn this in very less time.

Game of Baccarat in Comedian Movie of Hard Day’s Night

The game of Baccarat also had a significant role in one of the oldest comedian movies as Hard Day’s Night, having star as rock band of Beatles. During the starting of the movie, grandfather of Paul McCartney as Wilfred Brambell had won huge amount of money from the baccarat game, in spite of having very little knowledge about it.

Game of Baccarat in Scandal of Royal Baccarat

In the year 1891, the game of Baccarat was one the significant news because of the real-life Scandal of Royal Baccarat. This scandal had occurred across the well-known landowner of Scotland and soldier William Gordon-Cumming, who was invited in the house party of Croft estate of England.

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