Comparison between European and American Blackjack Game

Europeans and Americans prefer to do things in different manner and this has also extended to the rules of playing Blackjack game in land-based casinos. Majority of blackjack players would be well aware about the Rule of No Hole Card in European Blackjack game, which differentiates it from the Blackjack game played by Americans. Some of the Blackjack players are also well aware that rules of playing Blackjack game are different in Atlantic City casinos and in Las Vegas. However, this would be a surprise that within Las Vegas only, the gaming rules of ‘The Strip’ and ‘Downtown Vegas’ are somewhat different.

The Rule of No Hole Card is one among the good places to start. In the casinos of Las Vegas, when the face up card of the dealer has value 10, he is required to select the hole card, before the Player does any gaming move. In case the dealer has Blackjack, the player will lose the game immediately. Hence, he is prevented from suffering further losses by either splitting or by doubling his betting amount. In Europe, the dealer will not check for upfront of Blackjack. Here, the second card will expose only after players will complete their moves. In case the dealer has Blackjack, the players will not only lose his bets, but also the bets placed on splitting and doubling. The casinos of Atlantic City will have an interesting practice. They used to follow European procedure of dealer that is they do not check for upfront of Blackjack. However, in case the dealer dealt blackjack, the bets placed by players on splitting, doubling will be returned back, and only ante wagers will be lose by him. Hence the ultimate result is similar to blackjack variants played at Vegas. However, house edge for European Blackjack game is 0.11% higher in this case.

The gaming rules of Blackjack played at Vegas Downtown and at Vegas Strip are more or less similar with each other. However, there is only one difference. In case of Vegas Strip, the dealer should be draw on total of any number within 16, while stand on all the either 17 or more than 17. On the other hand, in case of Vegas Downtown, dealer of Blackjack game will draw on soft 17. Therefore, blackjack variant of Vegas Strip is more beneficial to the players. However, the house edge for blackjack game in Vegas Downtown is 0.21% in this regard.

The Blackjack variant played at Vegas Strip and Atlantic City are somewhat different from each other. However, the rules related with standing and hitting of the dealer are similar to each other. In case of Blackjack variant of Atlantic City, identical pairs are allowed to split for only once. Here, re-splitting is not allowed. On the other hand, in Blackjack variant of Vegas Strip, identical pairs are allowed to drawn, split and re-split, except the Aces. This will give a little advantage regarding house-edge of approximately 0.09% to Blackjack game played at Vegas Strip casino. In Blackjack game of Atlantic City, players are also allowed to double their bet after splitting. This facility will decrease the house edge of Blackjack game of Atlantic City by 0.15%.

Majority of software providers of online casino games provide blackjack variant of Vegas Strip similar to the American Blackjack variant and opposite to European Blackjack game. Microgaming online software incorporates a fabulous portfolio of online variants of blackjack game. This software provider offers all the three variants of blackjack game at all the online casinos powered by Microgaming. Players at some of the Microgaming powered online casinos can enjoy all the variants of blackjack game.

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