Basic Casino Facts

Whether you are a professional player or a casual casino player its always exciting to learn about the interesting facts of online gambling. Some of these entertaining facts about casino games as well as betting are described in this article.

Interior Decoration
Majority of people know that casinos will feature wonderful settings and spectacular decorations for impressing their players. However, almost every casino contains ugly carpet and designed in multi colors, which nobody would like to have in their homes. This seems to be like that the casinos are running out of money, while designing their establishments and hence have chosen cheapest quality of carpets for saving money. However, in reality, casinos only try to motivate the people to start games from the lower levels in the casinos. Furthermore, ceilings of majority of casinos are also designed in a simple manner because of the same reason only.

No Fly Zone
During these years, Monaco has earned a good reputation for providing well-known casino games with elegance, because of their well-known casinos of Monte Carlo. In fact, this country has also drawn many richest and noticeable casino players worldwide. However, there are only limited travelling facilities for reaching Monaco. This is because, that small country has no airports within their constitutional areas. Only trains, helicopters and cars have proved to be the reliable routes for reaching to their casinos. Another interesting fact related with Monaco neither is that citizens of Monaco are required to pay taxes, nor allowed to go to the casino.

President of USA, Richard Nixon
Richard Nixon is the 37th President of United States of America. He has owed maximum part of his political career in poker games. When he was a naval officer during Second World War, he had won approximately $6,000 as compared to other navy members. Although, this is not sounding as a massive amount, but as per the rate of inflation, it might worth approximately $75,000 today. After this, in the year 1946, Richard Nixon had used this money for financing his successful bid for seat of Congress Party in USA.

Great Scholar as Aristotle
Majority of people know Aristotle as well known scholar of Greek, who has given new concepts related with modern physics, logic and philosophy from his profound studies during 4th century BC. However, very few people know that one of his studies contains detailed guidelines for cheating in dice games. Obviously, he was only trying to explain the manipulation of different probabilities of dice game, but still, the work of Aristotle had shown that he could definitely become a decent player of craps game.

Dice Made from Bones of Animals
Another interesting fact related with dice is that dice were made from bones of animals during ancient times. The ancient civilizations used to place their bets on the outcome that on which side bone of the animal would fall down. This has now becomes the basic version of modern craps game. In the end, people of Rome and Greece had advanced dice by placing marks on them and used other materials, leading to the foundation of a new casino game as dice.

Invention of Roulette Wheel
Since the starting of casino games during the 18th century, game of roulette has remained the popular casino games worldwide. Interestingly, this game would never come into existence today, if Blasé Pascal has not invented it. Pascal is one of French mathematicians of 17th century, who was in fact trying for developing a machine of perpetual motion, which leads to the invention of roulette wheel.

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