Validity of Points Based Strategy in Craps Game

The players of online casino craps game have developed a new point based strategy of playing craps game. They have utilized only particular bets, which will offer very low house edges. These bets are known as Come and Pass Line bets, which will pay even money as well as will have house edge of 1.4%. Both of these betting options are related with single free odds bets, which will increase the payout and further decreases the house edge.

The main objective involved in this game is to get two points on the craps table and after this giving back to them. The player will start with bet of $1 on the pass Line and after this will roll the dice. In case, throw on come out roll is either 7 or 11, the bet will win automatically. In contrast, if throw is either2, 3 or 11, bet will automatically loses. In any of these two events, table will become cleared and the player will begin the game again.

If any point, say 4 is established after come out roll, players are required to make two moves. The first one is that players should place $1 free odds bet on the Pass Line. This can be done easily by simply clicking on the area, nearly outside of Pass Line and by placing the chip, in order to differentiate it from original bet. This is significant because; both of the bets will have varying payouts. The next move of player as suggested by the gaming strategy is to place Come bet of $1. Now, the dice will roll again.

Both of these Come as well as Pass Line bets are required to be tracked in independently. First of all, Pass line bet should be taken under consideration. In case the throw is 7, Pass Line bet as well as bets of free odds will lose and hence, would be removed from gaming table. In case the throw is 4 that is one of the points, both free odds as well as Pass Line Bet will be paid out and after that they will be removed from gaming table. In any of these cases, players should begin a new sequence by placing Pass Line bet of $1. In case, if any of the other numbers has thrown, for example as 9, free odds bets along with Pass Line will continue.

Now, Come bet is taken under consideration. Here, one thing that players should always remember is the point, which is established as 4. Also, Come bet is also independent of Pass Line bet. In case the throw is any one from 2, 3, 7, 11 or 12, Come bet will either paid out or loses and in either of these cases it is removed from the table. In case the throw is 9, chip of Come bet has been moved towards the box being marked as 9. In addition to this, 9 is also considered as point in case of Come bet. Therefore, players should click in the box, which is placed next to chip for placing free odds of $1 along with Come bet.

The combined situation for both Come and Pass Line bets, in accordance with the described sequence are described here. The bets placed on the table are Pass Line bets having free odds bets along with number 4 as point. On the other hand, Come bet will have 9 as free odds bets. Now, in case the throw is 7, all placed bets will lose and will be removed from table. In case, throw is 4, free odds bets as well as Pass Line bets will win and both are removed from table.

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