Believing In Luck

When it comes to gambling, players have a tendency towards superstition. Truthfully, you would be hard pressed to find a gambler that does not believe in luck. The belief in luck is truly the driving force when it comes to gambling. While players will very often lose, sometimes big, they will still put their faith in luck and come back to the tables again and again to place their bets.

With Blackjack, many players feel that sitting at the first position to the left of the dealer is bad luck. While beginners might not understand that it is considered bad luck to be the first to get cards, this superstition does have some foundation in truth.

Players who count cards make their calculations according to the cards that have previously passed out of the deck. If you sit at the right of the dealer, you will view more of the cards that come out of the deck before you place your bet and therefore make a better decision than if you were at a lesser position. Needless to say, if you don’t count cards than your position really doesn’t matter.

For Baccarat, players get sheets that they are able to use to record how many times the banker or the player wins. Some players think that if they are able to spot "hot streaks," they are able to make smarter decisions.

Ironically, some players think that a drift towards one side indicates better luck and will continue betting on that side. Some believe their odds get better if they "buck the trend" or bet in opposition to what has come previously. None of the above has anything to do with basic Baccarat strategy.

Many times, players think that luck is simply determined by cards so that when the cards change, so does their luck. The truth of the matter is that cards are simply a device of randomization.

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