Live Dealer Casinos

Poker, slots, craps, and just about everything else one would expect to find in a gambling institution has made its way online, everything that is except live dealer casinos –at least until now. For many individuals games of chance are incomplete without the interpersonal dynamic between dealer and player and between players themselves. There is a substantial difference between witnessing and interacting with the person who actually dealt the hand and just having the hand digitally manifest as though sent from heaven (or hell depending on the cards). If this criticism sounds familiar, then a live dealer casino may be the online gambling spot for you.

The turning of cards, calling the dice, and spinning the wheels is controlled by a certified dealer with whom payers can ask questions, make humorous remarks, or get to know the person behind the cards. By virtue of this agent, the game play in a live dealer casino is and feels more realistic than the more stripped down and utilitarian poker tables where players and ‘dealers’ are presented as a collection of user names in a grid or at a two-dimensional table.

If all of this sounds a little complicated, it is not intended to. In fact, playing in a live dealer casino is no more complicated than downloading the software, selecting and editing your icon to the extent allowed, and interacting. In essence, live dealer casinos are like extremely sophisticated chat rooms where you can ‘see’ the representations of others, chat, and play a game in real time. Short of drinks and smokes (which a player is of course more than welcome to enjoy while playing from home) live dealer casinos are the closest thing to the ‘real’ thing one will find online. With a high speed connection and enough bandwidth live dealer casinos are compelling multi-media affairs with realistic sound effects, first-class graphics, and many options. The highest quality live dealer casinos build the virtual space beyond the tables and incorporate lounges, offices, bedrooms and other spaces for players to just sit, chat, chill, or otherwise take a break from win-loss and whatnot.

With the advent of live dealer casinos online gambling will most likely continue its dramatic surge in popularity. If you are ready to check it out, there is no better time to step a first foot into the virtual door of these sophisticated and interactive gambling spots.

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