Online Keno

What is Online Keno? A Guide to Playing Keno Online.
Playing Online Keno is very much like playing the lottery- except that you do not have to wait for the weekly draw. It is a game of pure luck and very simple to play. You'll need to select a combination of numbers and bet that these will be selected in a draw. Your pay out will depend on the number of correct numbers that you predict in the draw. Depending on the game, your odds will change. Keno is very much like the lottery in that it is designed to pay out big wins on a lot of numbers. So, like the lottery, you will get a low return in the short term. The game is to try and hit the jackpot and hit the big numbers.

Advantages to Playing Online Keno
The main advantage to playing keno online is the ability to set your own playing speed. You can play around 20 times as many games online as you can at a land based casino. But be careful- don't get carried away and make sure you play within your means. Set stop loss targets and win levels at which you walk away from the online keno game. The fun can be intense and the adrenaline will run, so ensure that you are thinking logically and play responsibly. It is more fun this way.

Different Types of Online Keno Game
Straight Ticket
Simply mark off the numbers you think will come upon the card. The maximum number of numbers you can select will depend on the casino, up to a maximum of 20 (he number of balls drawn in an online keno game)

Way Ticket
Use one ticket to mark two or more sets of numbers. The advantage of a way ticket is that you are able to bet less than the table minimum by dividing the minimum bet over three cards.

Combination Ticket
On a combination ticket, you combine groups of numbers on one ticket. You may select 12 numbers and bet on 2 ways of predicting 6 numbers, for example. Or with the same ticket, you could bet on 3 ways of forecasting 4 numbers, and so on.

King Ticket
On a King Ticket, you select a King Number that can be used in combination with other groups of numbers. You might select 3 as your king number, for example, and include this with 3 other combinations of numbers (ie all of your groups will predict a 10 being drawn.) People often have lucky numbers- King numbers are often used in these circumstances.

Other online keno possibilities are betting on Top or Bottom numbers (you mark off the numbers on the top or bottom of the card), betting on Edge numbers (all of the numbers around the edge of the card) or Left and Right bets (similar to Top and Bottom bets but the Left and Right numbers on the card).

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