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The key to picking an online slot machine is to know what kind of slot player you are. Before you start playing at an online slot machine just because it looks cool to you, ask yourself the following questions: How much money do I want to risk? How long do I plan to spend time gambling on the computer? Do I want to chase a giant progressive jackpot? The reason you should ask these questions is because aside from being a different themed machine, slot machines have different payout tables and betting structures.
A very common slot machine in an online casino is a multiplier slot. The payouts on these slot machines is very straightforward, making these great for beginners. The payout table lists winning symbol combinations and the amount paid out for each based on multiple coin wagers. For instance, if three 7's payout $50 for every $1 coin, a $2 coin would payout $100 and a $3 coin would payout $150. For each betting denomination the payout is multiplied, hence the name.

The other most common slot machine in the online casino is the bonus multiplier or progressive slot machines. The way these slots operate is like the regular multiplier slot, except that in order to play for a large jackpot, you must wager the maximum betting denomination per spin. You can still play the machine and be eligible for multiplied earnings; However, you are only eligible for the bonus if you meet the max betting requirements. The large jackpots get very big on these machines since they operate in the same fashion as a lottery. Therefore, you should know what the max wager is on a bonus multiplier slot machine if you want to give a go for the bonus jackpot. Remember the question about asking yourself how much you want to spend? Some progressive slot machines can cost up to $100 per spin, while you can play others for less than $1 per spin. The jackpot amounts will be different, but the earnings are generous, none the less. The bottom line is to find the machine that fits your bankroll the best.

When searching for slots online, look for those that offer multiple jackpots. These will be progressives, and based on the jackpot size, will offer different sized max betting denominations. If you know that you want to play a regular multiplier machine, you should narrow your search down by eliminating the slot machines that say they have many multiple paylines - these are progressives, and although you can still wager on a single payline, it is not recommended to do so because a slot player should always wager the maximum amount. You will hit a good paying combo sooner or later - and if you don't bet the max amount you will be kicking yourself to the bank because the difference in earnings between a regular payout and a multiplied payout will far exceed your total losses made with smaller sized bets.

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