Slots Falsehoods

Slot Untruth #1 - A slot machine will not payout two jackpots within a close amount of time.
If this were the case, then that would mean the machine was programmed to do so, going against the operations of a Random Number Generator. RNG's regulate how often an online slot game pays out in the long run. However, not even the RNG itself, knows when those payouts are going to come. The winning numbers randomly fall into place, which after meeting their quota will cease doing so. That means it is possible for the same slot machine to payout two large jackpots on consecutive spins.
Slot Untruth #2 - The longer a machine has not paid out, the sooner it will.

Although a large progressive jackpot reflects a tendency to bust soon, just because a slot game has not produced a big winner for a while, does not mean the chances for a big win will be greater while you are playing. The game will inevitably have to payout sooner or later; However, there is no way of predicting when that payout will come, for several reasons. One, there is no way of telling if a slot has not paid out for a while (unless you have been playing non-stop for several days, which is unfeasible). And two, there are so many players gambling at the same game at once, there is no way of telling when the RNG is disbursing winners.
Slot Untruth #3 - Online casinos can change the rate at which a slot machine game awards jackpots.

This is not true, because the RNG is in complete control of creating winning spins. The game is going to payout a percentage according to the predetermined payout percentage the online casinos must meet in order to keep gamblers playing their machines. If the machines were tampered to payout less than it should at any given time, the payout percentage would reflect a lower amount. It does not make sense for online casinos to partake in this practice.

Slot Untruth #4 - Changing the speed of bet placing will improve ones chances at winning.
This is very untrue, for slots are a game of pure chance and luck. When the RNG is going to hit a winner cannot be predicted. Changing the rate at which one makes bets may even keep one from winning - just as likely as it may produce a winner. There is no way to tell win a win will come. The best thing to do is play at a slow and steady pace.
Slot Untruth #5 - Online slots give terrible odds.

Actually, slots give better odds than many other other standard casino gambling games. They are a game of pure chance, but still produce very competitive odds in the final picture.

Slot Untruth #6 - Online casinos increase payout percentages during special slot tournaments.
In order to do so, the casino would have to disengage the Random Number Generator, which would not go undetected. Besides, why would an online casino want to payout more than it needs to?

Slot Untruth # 7 - Each slot symbol has as equal chance of being hit.

If this were the case, then the payout table would be pretty useless. The reason all slots pay out different amounts for different combinations is because the chances of those combinations being hit vary. Likewise, in order for the combinations to come up with different odds, each different symbol must have its own odds of coming up.

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