What to Play

Before asking yourself which online casino gambling games you should play, ask yourself what your primary motive is. If you want to gamble just for entertainment and recreation, any online casino game will do. However, if your primary interest is winning, you should narrow down your choices. The casino games best suited for earning profit are blackjack, craps and baccarat - Of these, both blackjack and craps take some practice to get good at, especially if using a strategy.

Baccarat is the lesser played of the three, due to its high table limits and aura of mystique and glamour. Yet, if you have a high bankroll and can afford to put down a larger sum on a single game, baccarat is well worth playing. Not only does it have one of the lowest House Edges, baccarat is one of the most simple and easiest table games to learn.

Craps is usually an intimidating experience for the beginner. It is a fast paced social game, offering many bet options and an extensive table layout. However, playing craps at an online casino is far more conducive to the beginner, since the personnel usually crowded around a craps table does not exist. Also, the pace of the game is slowed to the player's preference in the online version. Before playing craps online you should check out the online casinos, or rather, the Best Online Casinos, who offer unlimited practice play to their members. The more you plays craps, the more you will become familiar with all the aspects of the game. If you take the time to learn the rules of craps and a good Craps Strategy, this online casino game will give you some of the best odds, second only to those of blackjack.

If your temperament is more fitted for quiet, intellectual games, blackjack is the card game for you. The most played table game at online casinos, blackjack is a game of skill which requires extreme concentration and discipline - that is, if you play with the Basic Blackjack Strategy. By keeping track of the cards played, you can lower your odds to the point where you actually have an advantage over the online casino.

Online casino games played for amusement rather than great winning odds are roulette, keno and slots. Roulette is a leisurely game that consists of a spinning wheel and a simple table layout. Several types of bets can be made on which number or group of numbers a ball in the spinning wheel will settle on. There is no real effective strategy for this game, resulting in a higher Casinos Advantage. However, roulette is truly a fun game to play, and the payoff can be big.

The game of Keno has the highest House Edge of any casino game. It is a game of luck - much like bingo or lotteries - and requires a very small wager to play. This is why Keno is such a profitable game for online casinos. With as many people who play Keno, the large jackpots are no surprise. But if you happen to be those very few lucky people who win at Keno, you can rest assured you will probably make up all of the money you previously lost, and then some.

Slots make up a large part of the action in online casinos. If you are looking for a fun and simple game to play, and chances to win a big jackpot, online slots are a good choice. Although the House Edge is higher in slots than some other casino games, with the advent of new technology and different types of slot machines, there are strategies effective in raising the player's advantage. With the increased popularity of slots, the jackpot sizes have grown tremendously in size. Progressive jackpots, which are ever increasing sums of money, go to a few lucky winners. However, the majority of online slot players will either win enough to keep playing and enjoy their gambling experience, or, if they are in it for the money, will get out while they are ahead.

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