Exciting Features of Keno Game powered by Top Game Software

Online keno is an exciting game among all the games played at online casinos. This game does not give players an average returns but will give payouts in a very high range. Now days, every renounced online gambling software providers including Top Game have provided keno games to offer very high payouts with less returns to players.

The online keno game powered by software provider Top Game can be easily accessed from tab of ‘More Games’ provided in the casino client lobby. This game possesses classic style visuals. The arenas of playing and display are located in panel of wood, which is crafted in a stylish manner. The ticket for playing the keno game will display at the center of wood panel. This online keno ticket is distinctly divided in two different sections, similar to the keno games played at land based casinos. Here, the numbers from 1 to 40 will occupy top half, while numbers from 41 to 80 will occupy bottom half of keno ticket. The payout table will display at the left side of keno ticket. The top cell will highlight the number of selected spots and below it respective payout table will be shown. As the selected numbers of spots change, the payout table gets adjusted in automatic way. The results are displayed towards the right hand side of the keno ticket. The operating buttons will be kept aligned at the bottom.

The players can manually select maximum 15 spots by simply clicking on the numbers of keno ticket. These selected spots will get changed to green background. They can also reject the numbers by again clicking on them. Top Game software has also given a provision to players to select 15 spots of keno tickets in a random manner. For this, players should click on the option of Generate 15 Numbers. After players select all the desired features from the given options, game is triggered by clicking on the “Play” option. Here, there is neither a bucket nor machine, by the help of which numbered balls get released. In this keno game, the numbers will display in successive manner in the space provided below the keno ticket. When the numbers do not matched with the selected numbers, those numbers of keno ticket will be put with cross mark. When the numbers will get coincide with selected numbers, background of those numbers become white. The number of hits made in keno ticket is displayed in the result area and payouts in accordance with the payout table are then made. One of the significant rules of keno game provided by Top Game software is that highest payout in one game is $50,000, regardless of that described by payout table.

The minimum betting amount in a single game is $0.05, while maximum is $10. Top Game gaming software facilitates the players to repeat maximum 20 games with similar keno ticket and similar betting amount, without making any interference in between the games. The betting amount in the game will deduct when the game will start, while desired payouts will be given after the end of one individual game. The players can also clear the full ticket by using “Clear” button before the selection of next pattern manually.

Majority of players at online casinos, play keno game with 15 marked spots. The payout table for 15 spots in online keno game powered by Top Game software provider will not pay for maximum two hits. The ratio of payout in case of 3 hits will be 0.5; while in case of having 15 hits will become massive 10,000.

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