Journey of Keno Games from its Origin to Today

Keno games are one type of funny lottery games, which have been rooted many years ago in China. This simple lottery game of keno has now become the popular casino games played at famous worldwide casinos.

Beginning of Keno Games

The Keno lottery game has been believed to be initiated before thousand years by Cheung Leung. This pursuit was done to increase funds from his disappointed people. The survival of city of Cheung Leung was at stake and had become desperate, so, to overcome this, he had invented luck based keno lottery game, with an attempt to raise required funds for his army.

The original keno game was made of 120 characters of Chinese, all of which were part of a popular ancient poem. Players should select characters and should place bets accordingly. The game has proved to be successful and thus Leung had managed for saving the city by the help of Keno game. In addition, there is also a common belief that construction of Great Wall of China has been achieved from the funds collected from this game.

Beginning of Keno Games in United States of America

The Keno game has grown his popularity in United States of America from immigrants of Chine during 1880s. These immigrants from country of China have arrived for working on railways and thus have brought this keno lottery game. In their original form of keno, players will probably select characters as per their meaning. In keno game of USA, the original gaming characters are substituted by numbers. This has been done to make the Keno game familiar among the US people.

Keno games have actually stated in USA in 1930s. Because of regulations of US Government, playing lottery games are considered as illegal in casinos at that time. Therefore, to overcome this obstacle, the keno game in USA had been given name as “Horse Race Keno”. However, by this new name, there comes next obstacle in the path of playing keno games in USA. This is that US government used to charge taxes on all the off-track races. To overcome this challenge, name of the game had once again changed to Keno. The keno game had demonstrated its durability and attraction as it has continued to maintain its position in the casinos for several years.

Online Version of Keno Games of Today

Today, similar to any other well known online casino games, keno games are also featured as the popular games of worldwide online casinos. The latest version of online keno game an online ticket having numbers 1 to 80. These numbers are arranged in such a manner that first half of the numbers that means from 1 to 40 are placed at the top, while next half numbers from 41 to 80 are placed at the bottom. Players can select maximum 20 numbers from the total 80 numbers given on the ticket.

Keno games are easy to learn and give lots of fun while playing it. As the Keno games are a type of lottery games, so similar to bingo and roulette games, keno games are also based on luck and no or very little based on strategies. Furthermore, although keno games are more or less similar to playing lottery, but in this case, players do not required to be waiting for few days, for revealing of winning numbers. In addition to this, players can also try for free keno games at many well-known websites of online casinos. Thus, in this way, players can have more fun and also learn the basics of playing keno games.

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