Reliability of Martingale Doubling Strategy in Roulette Game

Now days, roulette has become one among the popular games played at the online casinos. This game is solely depending on the luck of players rather than any of expert advice. However, many expert players from their gaming experience have developed many significant strategies for winning the roulette game. One of the well-known strategies that can give successful winning in roulette game is the doubling strategy given by Martingale. This strategy has been designed for particular categories of bets giving even money. This is because, Martingale strategy is highly associated with “Black” or “Red” betting option in Roulette game. The strategy of Martingale can be executed in simple manner and also appears to be very attractive; hence, this is popular among the new players.

About Martingale Doubling Strategy

The doubling strategy of Martingale has been designed for winning an amount equal to the initial placed bet by doubling the bet at every loss. This can be explained in a well manner by considering a suitable example. Suppose the players are placing $1 bet on Red section in their first wager. They can get $2 back, if they win and hence will receive $1 after the deduction of $1 as investment in the wager. On the other hand, if the players will lose, they would double the wager and place $2 bet on Red. Now, the total investment of the players will stand at $3 and for winning on this spin, they will receive $4 and will win $1 again. Win $1, by making an investment of $3 sounds really good. However, if the players again lose, they should place their bets with $4 on Red, so that their total investment becomes $7. In case they will win, they will $8 and again will win $1. This process will go on continuously. Thus, in total 7 rounds, cumulative investment of the players will become $127 and on the 8th round they have to invest $128 for making their total investment $255. The players will then stand on $256 and win $1 as usual. Now, investment of $257 for winning $1 sounds very foolish as there is no limit on placing the bets.

Wrong Perception about Martingale Doubling Strategy among New Roulette Players

Majority of new players of roulette game has wrong perception that in case the spin of roulette will result in series of black numbers, probability that next number will be red becomes higher. In fact, many new players have given importance to the doubling strategy of Martingale, only because of this wrong perception. However, Martingale doubling strategy of roulette game does not follow this wrong perception. This is because; wheel of roulette game does not incorporate any memory. So, wheel cannot able to remember the last number, at which the wheel had stopped for and can for next spin can stop at position. Therefore, at every spin of the wheel of Roulette, both the Red and Black numbers will have equal or 50% chance of being selected.

Major Drawbacks of Martingale Doubling Strategy

The doubling strategy of Martingale should be avoided very strictly because of having two significant drawbacks in it. First reason is that it ends up the bankroll of players. This is because; for winning a small amount of $1 only, players on the 8th round have to invest huge $257, which really seems to be very foolish. Second reason is that the doubling strategy of Martingale has the assumption that players can continuously increase their bets for infinite numbers of times. However, today, many well-known online roulette websites have placed higher limits on the bets that players should place while placing Roulette game. 

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