Exclusive Features of Power Blackjack Game powered by Wager Works

Software developers have created the variants of Blackjack by providing relaxations in certain rules of regular Blackjack game. These relaxations in gaming rules will give advantage to players and thus will retain them to the gaming field. Though, the house edge, in total, has marginal difference, but the variety introduced new Blackjack game had made it more interesting to play. Power Blackjack, powered by well-known software of Wager Works is among such variants.

About Power Blackjack Variant

Power Blackjack game from Wager Works software incorporates two powerful features, which are not present in the blackjack variants played at land based casinos. These two powerful features are known as Power Double and Power Split. Power Double provides second chance power to the players. This means that when the players have initial double down value of 9, 10 and 11, they will get the potential to replace their double down card. Though, players can double down on all other two card hands, but here they are not allowed to replace their cards on other values of hands. Power Split will facilitate the players to turn around their hard situations. When the players, initially dealt with either hard 15 or hard 16, which is considered to be lousy situation, players will have the potential to split weak hand in to two separate hands for improving their winning chances. The normal Split should be valid, when the initial cards will be of similar rank.

In most of the variants of Blackjack, when the player will have an advantage, the evening out can be done by reducing the blackjack payout to even money. This case is not similar to Power Blackjack. The payout in case of blackjack remains at 3 to 2. The rule, which favors online casinos, is that if the dealers end up by hand value of 22, they will not bust. After this the bet will be pushed and returned back to players. The remaining gaming rules are similar. Power Blackjack variant will provide an average return of 99.77%, which is the best that players can receive.

Rules of Normal Split in Blackjack

The rules of normal Split are described in this article. A split hand resulting in the two card value having the total of 21 is not considered as Blackjack. In case, aces will split, only next card would be dealt to each ace. In remaining cases, players can re-split each split hand for one time. Players are also allowed to double down on the starting two cards of any of the split or re-split hands. Players can avail of standard Insurance bet, when the face up card of dealer is an ace. In case, players will accept the insurance, wagering amount equal to half of the amount of original bet is placed in automatic manner. In case the dealer will have a blackjack, Insurance bet to be paid is equal to 2 to 1. The dealer of blackjack game will stand on all the hand values of 17.

Power Blackjack variant of Wager Works software incorporates regular table settings. The setting of Speed facilitates the players in controlling the sped of game play. In Normal mode, all the animations of games are played. In turbo mode, the speed of the game is made faster by removing some of the animations. The voice of the dealer and other sound effects of game can be either disabled or enabled. The players are allowed to select between sound effects of traditional or modern styles. The quality of graphics can be set between Low, High, Medium and Best.

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