Ways of Limiting Payouts Adopted by Online Casinos

Online casinos, mostly limit the maximum amount of payout that players can obtained by playing different casino games. This limitation in maximum payout can be done in two ways. First, casino will limit the amount that players should place while playing the games. This is because; as the ratio of payouts gets fixed, hence the maximum payout gets fixed in the automatic manner. Second, the casinos can directly put limit on payout. However, this limit is not applicable in progressive jackpot games.

The key reason in putting a limit on the maximum payout to be received by players is that online casinos are unwilling to face the situation of unlimited liability. Consider an example that if some of the players have placed a huge amount and win or some players are very lucky, online casinos have to give a massive payout, which they have not provided for and hence, may spoil their financial planning. Another reason behind this is that online casinos restrict their customers to place large betting amounts that are beyond their means. Therefore, majority of online casinos have clearly mentioned their limits and ways, by which these limits are applied. In addition, these limits are placed separately for varying online casino games.

As the online slots games are regarded as the common games of casino, it would be highly suitable to start discussion with those games. The maximum amount of bet placed, which is known as total bet in single spin, is controlled by putting limit on the betting options. The casinos have also placed limits on the number of paylines, denomination of coin and numbers of coins, which can be wagered in single payline. As we know that winning payouts are ratio of wagered coins, so automatically, there will be a limit on the highest payout. Online slots games also incorporate free spins bonus rounds, in which players do not place extra betting amounts but will receive payouts. In most of the times, free spins round will get activated for many numbers of times. Hence, the lucky players will definitely receive massive payouts. Therefore, majority of online slots games will put limit on the number of times, up to which free spins bonus round will be activated. In addition to this, they also have specified highest limit on the payout received from free spins round. in case, any player reaches this limit, free spins round will end even when all free spins are not consumed.

Some of the online video poker games and slots games incorporate a feature known as gamble game. In this special feature, players are given opportunity to increase their payouts to double or to maximum 4 times. The lucky players in this game, having huge initial payout will earn very high amount from gamble game feature. Therefore, online casinos have also put a limit on the highest amount of payout that can be obtained from gamble game. Once this maximum limit has reached, players have to return back to main game.

Some of the games played at online casinos offer massive payouts and then directly will put a limit on them. Players should play these games very cautiously. Some of the variants of keno games are taken under this category. One among the variant of keno game give a massive payout worth 100,000 on hitting each 15 numbers. However, this variant has also a highest limit on the total payout as $250,000. Hence, if the players place bet of $10 and hit all 15 numbers, they can win only $250, 00, instead of winning $1,000,000.

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