Exclusive Features of Caribbean Stud Game by Cryptologic Software

One of the well-known software providers of online casino games as Cryptologic is offering single player Poker game of Caribbean Stud. The special feature of this slots game is that it facilitates the players to place bets in a particular range. The lowest betting range will start from minimum £1 and goes up to maximum £50, while the highest betting range will start from minimum £100 and goes up to £1,000. This would create no real difference, if single betting range from minimum £1 to maximum £1,000 has been provided. However, classification of tables as per betting ranges may lead to experience of live casino, in which low rollers are kept separated from high rollers because of their exclusivity.

The Game of Caribbean Stud will proceed by following a standard pattern. First, player place the ante bet. Both hands are dealt as face down. The first card of the dealer is exposed and then the full hand of player. The player can select between folding and betting. In case, players go for fold, they will straight away lose their placed ante bets. In case, they want to play, they will bet with an amount, which is equal to twice the ante bet and remaining cards of dealers are exposed. The payouts will be given as per gaming rules.

If case, the hand of dealer is less than A-K high, dealer will not qualify. In this moment, ante bet will pay even money, while play bet pushes. In case, the dealer gets qualified, their hands are compared. In case, hand of the dealer ranks higher, player will lose both bets. On the other side, if the rank of player’s hand is higher, players will receive even money on ante bet, while pay bet gives the payout as per payout table. The pairs will give payouts at even money, while royal flush will give payout at 200:1.

As similar to other variants of Caribbean Stud games played at online casinos, Cryptologic software provider is also offering a progressive jackpot. This software also facilitates the players to activate the deal button without placing any separate bet for playing the progressive jackpot. The progressive jackpot will be paid according to a separate payout table. The players are not required to beat the dealer, but they should not suppose to have folded. The payout for progressive bet will start with 50:1 for flush. Here, only 10% of progressive jackpot is offered in case of straight flush, while 100% of progressive jackpot is given for royal flush.

There are two features, responsible for enhancing the value of Caribbean Stud Poker powered by Cryptologic software. One of them is player warnings, which is required to be enabled. The software has instructed the players that if they folding hand of A-K or higher, their hands will be against optimum play. This game has also incorporated one among the best Auto Bet Features found in online gambling industry worldwide. This will facilitate the players in fixing the number of auto bets, betting amounts and also whether the bet for progressive jackpot to be placed or not. The specialty of this Auto Bet feature is that it facilitates for pattern bets, fixed bets and conditional bets. Pattern bets will facilitate players to either decrease or increase ante bets in set pattern after each of the hands. Conditional bets facilitate the players to decrease or increase ante bets based on last hand’s outcome. Every time, players are allowed to take decisions regarding bet or fold as per own. In conclusion, Caribbean Stud Poker game, powered by Cryptologic software incorporates an attractive commentary of live dealer.

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