Role of 900Pay Payment Options in Online Casinos of Today

Electronic wallets and credit cards are considered as traditional options of payment at online casinos. Credit cards will process from banks, while electronic wallets are funded by using bank accounts or credit cards. This implies that payment options of both credit cards and electronic wallets are required to pass through system of banking at some stage. After passing of UIGEA regulations in US, banking systems have become very much cautious way of making payments from online casinos. Hence, there comes a demand for options of payment, which will entirely eliminate the banking system. One among these options is the purchasing of prepaid vouchers for getting cash at all the retail outlets. However, in this payment option, people have to face inconvenience of visiting retail outlets. Therefore, United States have launched latest payment option as 900Pay for all of their online casinos.

The players of online casinos are allowed to use their land-line phones for depositing money at online casinos, from 900Pay. The deposited amount will be added to the telephone bill of the players. Hence, neither bank account nor credit card information would be required to issue to processors of third party and hence, will take care about many concerns as identification of thefts, loss of piracy and so on. In addition, transaction will not go through institutions of banks and so, fear of rejection will not be there. Now, players are not required to move out from their homes for making the payment. 900Pay will not result in any hidden charges in the telephone bill of players. Players are not required to pay long distance fees, whatever be the location of license of online casino. Here, only the amount deposited by players will be charged. 900Pay also take care of security issues and hence this is one of the safe payment modes.

As service mode of 900Pay is based on landline telephones, so players at online casino should make sure that there should not be any block for phone line for this service. In case there exists a block, people should immediately consult the telephone company for its removal. The payment option of 900Pay has recently imposed some limits, which would be problem for players placing high amount of bet. Maximum amount of $50 would be deposited at the account of online casino in one transaction. Players are not allowed to exceed their limits, by regular deposits as there is also a maximum limit of $5,000 in one month. Another major drawback of 900Pay payment option is that players are not allowed to credit their withdrawals from bills of their landline telephones. Players can receive their cash withdrawals either from check or by the use of bank draft. Also, they have can have withdrawals only after particular duration because; process of posting and checking clearing process consumes time.

900Pay System of Navaho Networks was particularly designed for providing help of online players of America and would be available for only residents of America and Canada, possessing bank accounts of US dollar in US. This company was initially founded in the year 1999, with the name of Later, in the year 2000, the company has changed its name to Navaho Networks. The company headquarters are in Canada and Toronto. The company also provides one of the popular electronic wallets as eWalletXpress.

Bodog casino, licensing under Kahnawake was the first online casino accepting payments from payment option of 900Pay. In United States, since the problems related with processing of payments are increasing among majority of payment processor companies, so, demand for payment option of 900Pay has increased in exponential manner.

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