Role of SSL Certifications in Security Agency of Thawte

Most of the worldwide online casinos have certification of their security systems from two well-known security agencies. One among them is VeriSign, while the other one is Thawte. In fact, VeriSign has owned Thawte, but Thawte operates as separate agency. The background of Thawte and various types of certifications of SSL are mentioned in this article.

In the year 1995, Mark Shuttleworth has founded Thawte agency in South Africa. This was the first authority of certificate, who had issued certifications of SSL to various entities of public. Today, Thawte has issued approximately 945,000 code signing and SSL certificates, in order to protect transactions and identifications of people in more than 240 countries. This incorporates security of bank account information and sensitive credit card information of casino players from identifies theft. In addition to this, they also will provide security of various financial transactions of players, when they make deposit or withdraw from online casinos. Thawte has grabbed approximately 40% of the global market of SSL. Although, brand name of Thawte has received strong benefits from the reliability and strength of VeriSign, but it is continuing to grab a reputable separate certification agency. In the year 2004, Thawte has become the first authority of certification to secure and recognize International Domain Names. Thus, Thawte has allowed people to navigate their websites in their own language that too with complete security. In the sector of online casino, Thawte has enabled the growth of many multi lingual operators of online gambling. Thawte certification agency is consistently improving their security related products by making massive investments in R and D (Research and Development). The main objective of Thawte certification agency is “to remain well-aware of evolving risks related with security”.

The certification of SSL from Thawte is a code, placed on web server of online casinos, to provide secured online communications. Whenever, a web browser contacts with secured web site of online, certification of SSL will facilitate encrypted connection. Thawte provides three different levels of certification in SSL. All of these three will have the code of Secured by seal of Thawte. This seal can be displayed on either pages of deposit or withdrawal or on the payment information page of online casino, in order to inform the players that their transactions will be safe and secured. All of the levels of SSL are compatible with encryption of 256 bit and can work with majority of web browsers. The levels of authentication will be different for each level. The authentication at first level will have only domain validation. The second level will incorporate validation of full organization. Lastly, the third level has extended validation and hence, this is the recommended level of authentication for online casinos. The reason for this is that online casinos cannot afford the risk of losing a single player due to lack of trust. In addition to seal, certification of Thawte can also be identified by the symbol of Thawte. This symbol of Thawte will turn the address bar with green color in browsers of high-security and displays the name of verified organization, thus facilitating players to trust the website of online casino.

The certification agency of Thawte will also give certificates of code signing, in addition to certifications of SSL. This is because; software developers of online casinos may create signed code, as players of online casino do not have trust on unsigned codes. Furthermore, casino players mat fear that unsigned codes may be either malicious codes or it may generate errors or warnings of security or even would be compromised. Therefore, users should seek for trusted digital signature for source authentication and integrity verification of contents.

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