Are 5 Reel Slots Better Then the 3 Reel Slots

You must have observed that the number of 5reels slots machines at brick and mortal casino is rising rapidly. Other then this 5-reel slots game you will also come across various bonus games or bonus feature. The five-reel slots game has gained some much popularity that most of the players prefer to enjoy only five-reel slots game. This is the case specially with Australia, where all the slots games are 5 reel variations only.

5-reel versions of slots games are available in online casinos as well. Most of them incorporate bonus round similar to brick and mortal casino. This is good because now you have more choices with you. How the question that arises is are these 5 reel slots are always better then the 3 reel version. In this article, we have discussed this topic in detail.

Pay Out Percentages
Some of the people think that, as there are five reels so it will be difficult to get a winning combination. Earlier, this concept was true but now its not true because now days slots machines have RNG i.e. Random Number Generator. This system makes the games fair.
3 reels slots game offer 95% pay out Percentages and 5reels also pay the same percentage in the long run. Thus, it become clear that numbers of reels does not have any effect on the pay out percentage, even if you play ten or fifteen reels the pay out percentage will remain same i.e. 95%.

Hit Frequency of Both the Slots Game
While enjoying the 5reels slots game you will come to know that the winning combinations offered by five-reel version is more then the three-reel version. In five-reels, slots the winning combinations are formed between 3 and 5 symbols.
This means that you can frequently hit smaller pay outs rather then the bigger one. Five-reel slots game has higher frequency if hitting smaller and mid range payouts. Above all, luck plays a prominent factor in slots winning.

5 Reel Vs 3 Reel - Should I play Max Bet
In slots game of 5-reels, players can play with more than 1 credit on each of the line. The players are suggested to play at all lines. However, paylines may be different for varying games of slots, but will remain between 5 to 20 paylines. The betting option of Max Bet is recommended in these slots games because players can get massive amounts of cash even on placing a very low bet on only 5 cent. As an example, in 20-payline slots game, players are wagering with coin size of 5 cent. They can play maximum 5 coins in one line. Now, if option of max bet is used, it will cost $5 in one single spin. Again, by considering the same example, if the players are playing with only one coin in each line, it would cost $1 in single spin. Indeed, in case of progressive jackpot, players should check the requirement of option of Max Bet. For all other types of slots, players are recommended to read out the payable before assuring themselves that they will be qualified for all massive prizes without placing option of Max bet.

Selection of slots machine is a personal choice. Here we have clearly discussed about both 5 reels as well as 3 reels slots game. we personally feel that enjoying variety will make your game more interesting. In case you have never enjoyed 5 reels slots game then we suggest you to enjoy it at least once. Believe me you will never look back towards the 3-reel version.

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