Some of the Biggest and the Renowned Casino Saints of all Times

Casino is a place where many greedy people come with an intention to win huge amount of money. Then, when they win massive amount while enjoying casino games they are referred to as selfish as they do not share their winning with others. However, this is not true the fact is there are some casino gaming saints and here in this article we will discuss in detail about them.

Robin Hood of Gambling
Robin Hood 702 is one area code of strip of Las Vegas. This area has a very strange story of games. Robin Hood 702 used to win money from rich casinos and then distribute them among the poor. Robin Hood 702 collects the video submissions of all needy people and selects the people, for whom he used to play. After this, he will give all of their winnings to the neediest people. In spite of this, he used to refuse to disclose his identity and receiving credits for his honorable donations.

Mitch Gilbert
After staying for few days and enjoying gambling games at Las Vegas casinos, Mitch Gilbert was waiting for his flight to go back to home. During this time, he had observed two envelopes of Caesars Palace, which he kept them un-opened until he had come back to his home. As the matter of surprise, Gilbert had found winnings of ten thousand dollars on opening that envelope. However, instead of keeping the money with him, Gilbert has called the airport authority and put all of his efforts to hand over those winnings to the desired owner. Finally, Gilbert had found the desired person, responsible for misplacing this massive amount and handed over to the winner.

Poker Pro Barry Greenstein 
Barry Greenstein is a well-known name in the world of poker. Greenstein has won more then $7.5 million while enjoying poker tournaments and have made millions in live cash games. He was not only a well-versed poker player but was also one of the most munificent players as he donated large position of his winning to various charitable trusts. He paid more stress on Children’s Inc. as he wanted to shown his own children that its important to help the less lucky people.

Kevin Blackwood donates the amount raised in WSOB Winnings 
Kevin Blackwood is a renowned blackjack players, he achieved everything that a blackjack player even can’t think off. He made huge amount of money via card counting and by writing books. He was always very active in donating some portion of his winning to various charities. You will be amaze to know that once he donated whole $12,500, which he won from the World Series of Blackjack. Apart from this, this renowned blackjack player ahs conducted a celebrity blackjack tournament; the whole profit of this tournament went towards charity. After doing so much still some of the charitable thrusts do not recognize him as he was thrown thousand of times outside the casino as he was performing card counting.

Donating Winning Lottery Ticket Worth $80k 
Not all the casino players make the charity openly, there are also some players who make this secretly with telling anyone. One such case happened in American church in Columbus, where Georgia was shocked, when he found winning lottery ticket worth $80,000 in the collection box of the church. This was not the first time when any player has donated the winning lottery ticket however, this was the first time when a lottery ticket of such a massive worth is donated in church. Church authority believe that the person donated this ticket is not the member of church.

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