What is Bingo

Bingo is one of the most popular casino games, which is played by most of the gamblers. If you are new to this game, then don’t worry, as here you have discussed about the various prominent aspects of bingo game that will help to clearly understand this game. First and the foremost thing that a player need to know is never get carried away with the game. Enjoy bingo for the sake of fun but do not get addicted to it.

While enjoying bingo all the players will receive, one book of sheets and each of these sheets will have 6 different cards on it. When all the numbers present on the sheets are counting, then it comes to be 90 numbers. It is the most popular version of bingo game among bingo players. Each of the 6 cards will have twenty seven spaces that are arranged in three rows and nine column format. In all, there are numbers 1-90 present on the sheet and none of the number is duplicated. This means that none of the number from 1-90 are repeated.

Among the 27 spaces on each of the bingo card, 15 spaces will have fixed position numbers such as, if the players are seeking for number 1, it will be located in the first space having first row and first column, while the other cards will have blanked out space, in which number 1 will appear. The remaining bingo cards will blank out space, in case, number 1 will appear there. Players have to match the called numbers in bingo hall with 6 cards available on the sheet. Here, the main aim is to fill the bingo card so that selected pattern will be completed. The patterns will be different for varying bingo games.

The cards may have different letters of the word bingo i.e. B, I, N, G, O as the headline and have numbers under it. Suppose the caller and announced the number thirty-four then you can search this number under column I. In case, you have the same number on your card, then mark it down. Your ultimate aim will be to get 5 numbers marked on your card, corresponding to every letters of the word bingo. That means as the number is called you cab spell the word bingo.

Different bingo games follow different patterns, like stars, houses, U’s, blackout, T’s and so on. As you will complete the specified pattern you have to shout BINGO, as you will do so the game will be stopped for a time being while your card will be crossed checked by the bingo authority. In case, you have completed the pattern but forgot to shout BINGO then the game will move on and when another player will completes the pattern, then you will have to share the prize money with that player. Similarly, if two or more player calls BINGO at the same time then the prize money is shared among them.

Bingo games are usually enjoyed in some specific buildings known as bingo halls, these halls have proper sitting arrangement where players can sit. There is a bar and food counters so that players can serve themselves while enjoying the game.
Other then bingo halls players can also enjoy the bingo game online, while sitting at your home along with the homely comfort. Online bingo games will enable you to enjoy the game at per your convenience i.e. you can enjoy the game at the place or time that is best suited to you. Apart from this, in online bingo game you do not have to shout BINGO when you have completed a game pattern.

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