Exciting Features of English Variations of Sic Bo Game

Today, games of Sic Bo have become very much popular in the worldwide online and land-based casinos. Sic Bo is one of the dice-based casino games, which is played with the help of three dice. In this game, players are required to place their bets on the numbers, which the randomly thrown gaming dice will land. Players are provided with large numbers of betting options in Sic Bo game. These bets are odd bets, even bets, small and big bets and triples and so on.

Although, Sic Bo is a diced-based casino game but, it incorporates one similarity with bingo and roulette games. The similarity is that Sic Bo is luck-based game, which means that winnings of players in this game are solely depend upon the luck of the players rather than any expertise strategy. The game of Sic Bo has been actually originated from Asia. From then it has become one of the popular gambling games in both online and landscape casinos. Sic Bo game is particularly popular in United Kingdom, United States of America, Macau and Philippines. Furthermore, Sic Bo game is known with varying names in different countries worldwide. Some of the popular names of Sic Bo are “tai sai”, which means lucky dice, “dai siu”, implies big small and also titled as “hi-lo”. In addition to the varying titles, today, Sic Bo games are also available in different variations at worldwide casinos. These variations were actually originated from English and this article has attempted to give a brief description of variations of Sic Bo.

Grand Hazard Sic Bo Variation

Grand Hazard, one among the ancient games of English is also a dice-based game, as similar to the today’s Sic Bo game. The dice of Grand Hazard are rolled inside a specifically designed chute. This chute has inclined planes, from which the dice will be rolled continuously, as they will moved down. The primary focus of Grand Hazard is identical with the game of Sic Bo. As similar to Sic Bo, in Grand Hazard also, players are required to guess the number, on which the dice will stop rolling. Moreover, as similar to Sic Bo game, Grand Hazard also provides multi-betting option to the players.

Chuck a Luck Sic Bo variation

“Chuck-a-Luck” is also referred as birdcage. This game is actually themed on Grand Hazard game. However, the actual game has been developed in United States of America (USA). Chuck-a-Luck variation of Sic Bo game had also make the use of three dice that are kept inside the wire cage, to appear as birdcage. Hence, the game of Chuck-a-Luck is also titled as birdcage. The dealer will rotate the cage and then all the three dice are allowed to settle at the bottom side of the cage. The focus of birdcage game is to place the bets on the numbers, on which rolling of dice will stop. Here, players are provided with different types of bets, as long as they will be bets of single numbers. The players are also allowed to wager triple bet. Triple bet is the bet, in which the all the three dice of birdcage game will stop at the same number. The game of Chuck-a-Luck is popular in Nevada casinos, but at present, this game had lost its popularity as compared to game of Sic Bo. Hence, this game is now rarely found in any casino. In spite of the fact, that Sic Bo variation as Chuck-a-Luck game has United State origin and popularly played in the brick and mortal casinos of Nevada, the game had lost popularity among casino games of Asia.

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