How to Increase Winning Odds in Roulette Game from Pivot System

Roulette games have become one of the most popular gambling games to be played at worldwide online casinos. Roulette is simple games of wheel; where winnings of players are solely depend on their luck instead of any expertise strategies. Thus, in this way, the game of Roulette is simple and easy to play as compared to other casino games such as blackjack and baccarat. Although, the winnings of players in roulette game is dependent on their luck, but still they will have greater winning odds, if they will proceed the game with perfect system developed by experienced players of Roulette.

One famous system of playing the game of Roulette is named as Pivot system. Pivot system is newly developed roulette system, responsible for increasing the odds of the players. The systems responsible for predicting the outcomes of roulette games in the ancient times are were very strict towards algorithms and principles of mathematics. However, the newer systems for prediction of outcome of Roulette games are not so much strict in their operations. The Pivot system is one among the new developed systems, which rely on the luck of the players more rather than principles of mathematics. Nevertheless, most of the players of roulette game have sworn with this system as having something interesting with it. The pivot system is different from some of the complicated systems of Roulette game such as Fibonacci system. The reason for this is that in case of Fibonacci system, players have to deal with set of number sequences. On the other hand, in Pivot system, players are allowed to make their own numbers.

Way of Making Numbers with Pivot System in Roulette Game

In case of Pivot system, players are required to spend a certain amount of time at the table of Roulette game, without actually playing it. Players are allowed to perform this activity at most of the online casinos. After this, players should carefully note down all the numbers, on which ball of roulette will stop. This can be understood with an easy example. Suppose that players are observing the wheel of Roulette and the numbers, on which ball had stopped are 4, 1, 18, 22, 23 and 18. Now, the number that will come more than ones that is here, 18, the number will become the pivot number. Now, players will place their bets on this pivot number.

Playing with Pivot Number

The selected pivot number as 18 will act as betting number for 36 spins of one row. However, in case of winning on any of the total 36 spins, players should stop playing the game and will re-start the procedure of making their own pivot numbers. The key involved in this system is to place an equal amount of bet on each of the 36 spins. In case, the number of players will come very quickly within 36 spins, they will have a very high profit, as this type of betting will offer payout in the ratio of 35:1.

Benefits of Pivot System

In conclusion, we can say that this is a quite good way of using luck of the players as winning system. The fact behind this is that there exists equal chance of landing of ball on all the numbers of Roulette wheel. Hence, if the players are set to place their bets on single numbers, this will at least give a framework to them to work inside it. In addition to this, pivot system has also asked its players to place bet with similar amount at every time. Thus, the chances of fast losing of bankrolls of the players get reduced to a great extent.

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