Exclusive Features of Playtech Powered Blackjack Games

Playtech software provider is considered as one of the leading software providers of online casino games. Playtech software provider has incorporated few blackjack games in their portfolio. This is because; Playtech software had given its focus on arcade games after it has offered varieties of online slots games. Although; Playtech casino software provider has incorporated few blackjack variants, but all of these variants will be of very high quality.

Playtech Powered Standard Game of Blackjack

Playtech powered standard gaming variant of Blackjack is known as Blackjack. Here, Playtech software has not used any tag such as Vegas Strip or European as compared to any other software provider of online casino games. As per the rules of Playtech powered Blackjack game, dealer of the game should not go to check for Blackjack at any condition, which will define it as Blackjack variant of Europe. The detailed rules associated with doubling and splitting is mentioned in the Help file. Playtech powered Blackjack game has incorporated an innovative feature of 10 cards Charlie of players can win automatically. The standard blackjack game powered by Playtech software provider can be played in the format of multi hand with maximum 5 hands.

Playtech Powered Blackjack Surrender Game

Playtech casino software provider has also incorporated a variant of American Blackjack, which is named as Blackjack Surrender. Here, the dealer of Blackjack game checks for blackjack card, if the dealer incorporates initial hand as ace or a 10-value face up card. The variants of American Blackjack are slightly more favorable than variants of European Blackjack. In addition to this, in American blackjack variant, players are allowed to surrender after the dealer will check for blackjack card and can recover half of their placed bet.

Playtech Powered Perfect Blackjack Game

Playtech software provider of online casino games has also incorporated some of the innovative variants of Blackjack game in their portfolio. One of the Playtech powered innovative variant of Blackjack is being titled as Perfect Blackjack. In case of Perfect Blackjack game, players are allowed to place a side bet on the player, while the dealer is being allowed to deal a pair in their initial hand, in addition to the main game. In this variant of blackjack, any of the pairs give the payout in the ratio 6:1, colored pairs offer payout ratio of 12:1 and lastly, suited or perfect pairs offer 25:1 payout. The players are not allowed to play side games, unless the main game is completed. However, the players are allowed to win from the side bets, even if they suffer losses in the main game.

Playtech Powered Blackjack Switch Game

Playtech software provider has also provided flagship variant of blackjack games to the online casino players. This flagship variant of Blackjack game is known as Blackjack Switch. This is a unique variant of Blackjack, which is not being offered by any of the online casino software. In this game, players should play with their two hands. After the dealt of initial cards, players can switch their top cards in their two hands. Hence, this move is capable to convert the weak hands of players in to their strong hands. Blackjack Switch gaming variant has also incorporated one optional side bet, which is known as Super Match.

Playtech Powered Lucky Blackjack Game

Playtech software provider of online casino games has also provided another unique blackjack variant known as Lucky Blackjack. This is one of the fixed games of odds, themed on blackjack. The main objective of this variant of blackjack is to predict the ultimate hand value of dealer. Players will have their options in between 17 and 21, along with bust and blackjack of players.

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